Favorite Children’s Books for One Year Olds

September 2, 2020

Categories: Lifestyle

Georgina just turned one in August, and lately she’s been bringing me books to read to her throughout the day. Before she was mobile, we would read books over and over, but since she started walking she hasn’t been as interested in reading, which concerned me a bit. My husband and I have always loved reading and it’s been one of our dreams for our daughter to discover the joy, knowledge, and escape books provide.

Georgina definitely has favorite books and I find that reading these has been the key to getting her to pay attention long enough to get through a book or two. She is a busy lady, but I have been trying to work more books into our playtime so her language skills can continue developing. I am on pins and needles, waiting for her first few words beyond “mama” “dada” and “hi”! I can’t wait to hear her little voice, chatting away.

I thought I would share our current favorites for babies around one year of age. Would love to hear your favorites as well!

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