Holiday 2020 Gift Guides

December 1, 2020

Categories: Beauty, Fashion, Holiday, Lifestyle

Hair Bow. Earrings. Chanel Bag. Heels. Yeti Tumbler. Wireless Charger. La Mer Cream. Workout Set. Pajamas. Wine Glass Set. “Princess in Dior” Book. Monogrammed Throw. Hat. Quilted Jewelry Box. Velvet Jewelry Case. Suitcase Set. Convertible Sweater. Liberty x Gucci Flats.

Ornament Set. Wedgwood Frame. Quilted Jewelry Box. Cocktail Napkins. Always Pan. Chinoiserie Oyster Dish. Porcelain Vase. Velvet Hair Bow. Earrings. Scalloped Robe. Floral Pajamas. Bow Phone Case. Chanel Bag. Bow Flats. Blue Floral Dress. Hydrangea Blanket. Gingham Slippers. HRH Style Book.

Outdoor Wine Set. Marble and Wood Charcuterie Board. Leather Wireless Charging Tray. Frame TV. Exfoliating Hand Wash. Sanitizing Wireless Charger. Cozy Conversation Game. Wool Sweater. Set of 15 Socks. Loro Piana Suede Loafers. Barbour Jacket.

Not Pictured: Projector. Large Item Sanitizer + Charger. Portable Yeti Cooler.

Creed Cologne. Toothpaste Set. Teddy Bear Beanie. Longines Watch. Cary Grant Sunglasses. Waxed Cotton Briefcase. Travel Tumbler. Fountain Pen. Mountain Parka. Sweater. AirPods. Belt. Book. Pressure Washer. Tool Set. Moncler Boots.

Not Pictured: Quilted Jacket. Stick Vacuum. Straight Jeans. Fitted Face Mask. Sneakers. Wireless Speaker. Skincare Set.

Girl: Bonnet. Teether. Bunny Rattle. Velour Outfit. Pink Shoes. Swaddle Blanket. Noodle & Boo Set.

Boy: Hat. Teether. Bunny Rattle. Velour Outfit. White Shoes. Swaddle Blanket. Noodle & Boo Set.

For the Older Sibling: Feltman Brothers “Abigail” Baby Doll. Feltman Brothers “Parker” Baby Doll.

Bunny Necklace. Play Dough Set. “Claris” Book. “Angelina Ballerina” Book. “Manners Begin at Breakfast” Book. Name Puzzle. Rainbow Puzzle. Kitchenette Set. Lorens Doll. Pink Doll Pram. Balance Bike. Dress-Up Shoes. Dollhouse. Doll Nursery Set.

Noah’s Ark Set. Play Dough Set. Gardening Playset. “Manners Begin at Breakfast” Book. Elephant Doll. Barn Playset. Wheelbarrow. Balance Bike. “There’s A Bear in My Chair” Book. Hunter Boots. Work Bench.

Texting Gloves. Small Jewelry Box. Napkins. Laptop Sleeve. Mini Eyeshadow Sticks. Foundation Stick. Mascara. Minky Blanket. Gardening Set. Sweater Shaver. Candle. Hand Sanitizer. Facial Oil. Jadeite Mixing Bowls. Pouf Slippers. Crewneck Sweater.

Not Pictured: Clean Lip Gloss. Cheek/Lip Color Stick. Cashmere Slippers.

Mini Farm Rollers. Mini Construction Trucks. Ice Cream Sidewalk Chalk. Bunny Lovey. Puzzle Set. Toddler Phone. Beeswax Crayons. Bath Bombs with Wooden Dolls. Banana Teether. Winter Finger Puppets. Crochet Finger Puppets.

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