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February 26, 2016

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Boohoo Formal Look 2016

Boohoo Formal Look 2016


Boohoo Formal Look 2016

Bohoo Formal Look 2016

Get the Look:  Dress. Deco-Inspired Earrings. Long Necklace. Fur CollarPantyhose. Quilted Clutch. Heels.

Miranda L. Sober Photography

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In honor of awards show season and the upcoming Oscars this weekend, asked me to browse their dresses and style this dress for a formal event. At first, I was a bit nervous to wear the dress as it’s more sexy than my usual, more conservative style. The neckline comes to a deep ‘v’ and there are two major slits in the front of the dress. But I felt really feminine when I put the dress on and found that the long slits don’t show much unless I’m walking. The dress has a built-in bodysuit and I wore sheer black pantyhose for a little extra coverage.

A deep neckline is perfect for showcasing a long, beautiful necklace and creating a glam look. But… Deep necklines like this have to be balanced with long sleeves and long skirts. I also liked the idea of adding additional balance, warmth, and texture with a fur collar or faux fur wrap and pantyhose. The belt on this dress is removable, but I liked the definition it gives to the waist.

I’m carrying my Chanel travel wallet I’ve had for years. It’s one of my favorite pieces because it comes with a passport cover, a little folder of card slots, and a coin pouch. I find it perfect for using as a wallet when traveling, then as a clutch at night. My only complaint is that the black paint has come off the double C emblem on the front. If you get one, I suggest you purchase one with either silver or gold metal that won’t show wear and tear as much as the painted black logo.

I think this dress would go well with my fierce panther iPhone case I instagrammed recently, don’t you?!

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