Conrad’s Nursery

July 10, 2022

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Designer: DeWitt Designs. Photographer: Susie Brenner.

Walls and Ceiling: Scalamandre Raphael in Light Blue, Schumacher Linen Stripe in Sky, Benjamin Moore “Cloudy Sky” on Ceiling, Sherwin Williams “Ivory Lace” on Trims.

Bookcase: Leather Books from Barnes & Noble, Hermès Wooden Horse Pull Toy, Herend Rocking Horse, The Little Prince Book, Polka Dot Club Mohair Bear, Hermès Baby Booties, Hermès Stuffed Horses, Leather Frames from The Breakers News & Gourmet.

Items: Ralph Lauren Broomfield Pendant in Brass, Monogrammed Towels, Rocking Horse Toile Sheets, Hermès Rocking Horse, Print Above Crib, Small Fox Print, Horse Print Above Baskets, Stacking Baskets, Wooden Blocks Train.

Lush English landscapes, oak trees, fox hunts, horses and dogs, classic stripes softened with gingham and touches of leather and suede. A little boy’s nursery to grow older with him.

Conrad was a beautiful surprise we discovered about three days after closing on our dream home. My pregnancy took place during a stressful and chaotic time; we were hurrying through some renovations at the new house, moving in, and putting our old house on the market. I was sure Conrad would end up with an awful personality due to all the stress he experienced along the way, but he is just the sweetest, calmest, happiest baby boy. He smiles constantly and only wants his mama, food, and regular naps. I love being a boy mama.

My mother and I designed this nursery with DeWitt Designs, who also helped us design Georgina’s nursery. (Georgie’s nursery was installed at our previous home, but we recreated it in the new house with the same wallpaper, same draperies at her bedroom window, and we reworked the balloon shades to fit in her new bathroom window.) Sarah brought a huge suitcase of fabric samples to our new house and I was particularly drawn to one with an English fox hunt scene. My ancestors emigrated from England and my immediate family lived back and forth for much of my childhood, so it’s a place that will always be special to me. I fell in love with creating a masculine English room my son could grow into as the years go on. The soft blues, creams, and browns in his nursery all flowed from this initial fabric.

Oak trees are featured as symbolism in Conrad’s nursery and in our new home in general. You can see oak trees in the Scalamandre wallpaper above the chair rail and oak branches and acorns carved into his furniture. Oak trees symbolize family and strength and they make think of the giant oak trees on our farm in Iowa where I grew up. They’re also the state tree of both Iowa and Illinois where my husband and I were born.

I have to say, putting this nursery together in post-pandemic days was a challenge with constant delays and incorrect measurements and supply chain and shipping issues. I wished it could have been finished soon after Conrad was born, but the truth is we are still waiting on a mirror and the window seat. But it’s very close and I couldn’t wait to get it photographed. The wait was worth it, but if you are in the midst of renovation or redecoration, my thoughts are with you!

Note: We raised the crib mattress so the dust ruffle would be the proper length for these photos, then lowered it again. Conrad’s crib has a toddler panel we can add later on, and his carved headboard will eventually become the headboard of his grown up full bed.

Some of my favorite things in this room are the incredible drapes framing the window seat, the bookcase with interior lights I use at night when I’m giving Conrad his last bottle, and the sentimental items like a dog painting from my parents and my father’s old monogrammed shooting bag. My mother found these great prints to be placeholders on the walls as we slowly build Conrad’s art collection.

This room was a fun challenge for me, as my interior decor style tends to sway more feminine than masculine. It can be difficult to create a baby boy’s room that can grow older with them, but I think we achieved it with this equestrian-inspired room. I love the traditional style, blue and brown palette, and masculine touches. We love spending time in Conrad’s nursery as a family and I cannot wait to show you his new bathroom renovation; we are finishing the last details and it will be completed very soon!

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