English Garden Baby Shower

August 15, 2019

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Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens. Planning: (My Mom!) and Table 6 Productions. Florals: Newberry Brothers. Catering: Biscuits and Berries. Photography: Laura Murray Photography.

We wanted my baby shower to be a celebration of femininity and the bond between mothers and daughters. I asked my friends with daughters to bring them and two of my best friends even flew in to help organize and celebrate. My mom and I said over and over again that we would not have been able to pull this off without their help in the days leading up to my baby shower. My local bestie even ended up going straight from the doctor for an eye injury to my shower that morning. I have been blessed to have women like this in my life and I am so grateful. From my grandmothers to my mother, aunt, friends and sorority sisters… I have truly been lucky to witness the powerful link between women who love and support one another and I am so looking forward to bringing another little woman into the world. This baby shower was a celebration of that little woman and her induction into our little tribe!

I also have to thank Table 6 Productions for planning the shower of my dreams; they planned my wedding as well and each time they organize an event for me it is exactly what I envisioned – only better. This time, we wanted to create the feel of an English garden. My little Bunny first came to be during a vacation in England and Wales and we thought it was only appropriate to surround her with things inspired by that place as well as my love of gardening. You’ll also see a few nods to Beatrix Potter at this baby shower – because who better to represent an English garden than Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck?

“Bunny”. I have received so many questions about this nickname I’ve given my daughter. It will not be her real name and is no different than people calling their baby bump “Peanut” or “Grape”. My placenta was in front of the baby, making a bit harder for me to feel her movements, and her first kicks felt more like bunny hops to me. Soon I began referring to her as “Bunny” and the name just stuck! We do have a list of favorite names I’ve been working on since before we were even married… But John has been insistent that we wait to see the baby before choosing her name. This does make me a bit nervous, but I am trusting him and hoping that our decision is an easy one once she arrives. Nonetheless, the “Bunny” nickname worked well for the English garden themed baby shower and my sweet friends have embraced it by gifting my little girl bunny-embellished outfits and precious bunny dolls.

As people walked up to the conservatory where the baby shower was held, they were given a Wishes For Baby card and invited to sign the baby’s Peter Rabbit book. If you organize an activity like this at the beginning of an event, you won’t forget later on and it can be a bit of an ice breaker as guests mingle with people they may not have met yet. Looking back through these handwritten cards was so sentimental for me; I’ve saved them and will make a little scrapbook out of them for the baby.

We played a baby shower trivia game at the beginning of the shower as people were filling their plates and a baby bingo game at the end of the shower while I was opening gifts.

Instead of a long or more involved baby shower game, I knew I wanted a floral arranging class at my baby shower. I thought it went well with our theme, but the reason behind it was also a bit selfish… I had been going to events promising “flower arrangement classes” for years and they were usually simply a florist handing out arrangements they had already made. I wanted a real class that would teach my guests and I something in the process. And the guests’ floral arrangements could be brought home as a gift to them from us. Newberry Brothers gave an incredible floral arranging class filled with so many tips and tricks I never knew before. They were patient and gentle with those of us who were beginners and it made for a really pleasant experience. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

My mom is fantastic at events; she loves hosting parties and she somehow thinks of every detail. For the little girls at my shower, she planned a beaded necklace + bracelet making activity while the adults took the floral arranging class. She also put together the sweetest party favors for our guests, including pearl mommy-and-me bracelets she made for the mothers and daughters. It kept the littles busy and was such a nice touch to the baby shower. Although I was exhausted and my feet were so swollen, I didn’t want the day to end!

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