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March 26, 2020

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My Pajamas (Go One Size Down). Georgie’s Bow. Georgie’s Pajamas (Go One Size Up).

Like so many of you, Georgie and I have been safely tucked inside our house waiting for the coronavirus storm to pass. I have chatted with several fellow mamas via DM and you have the same fears I do. Simple things like getting our mail, receiving packages, and ordering takeout now come with extra worries that weren’t there before. The unknown can feel overwhelming and I need to protect my baby and keep her close.

But with this time comes a silver lining; a global pause to be still and reflect, extra time together as a little family, quiet moments with my daughter. I’ve pulled out our favorite books, many of which were also my favorites as a little girl, and we have been reading amongst a pile of blankets and quilts each day. I challenge her by reading children’s books to her, not just the baby board books and she seems to love it. Of course, sometimes Georgie decides to spend our reading time chewing on the books as opposed to reading them and that’s just fine with me.

I wanted to share the books we adore so much with you in case you’re looking to fill your time and stock your library a bit! In the first slide, you’ll find our favorite book series. I find that these provide hours and hours of reading, make a beautiful gift, and also look especially lovely on a shelf or in a bookcase. I want to point out the Angelina Ballerina boxed sets – these are vintage as they no longer print all of these titles. They have the most beautiful illustrations that are no longer in the current books. (Those of you who grew up in the 90’s like me will remember these illustrations.) I gave Georgie a complete set for Valentine’s Day and we keep it in her bedroom bookcase. I was only able to find two so please hurry if you’re interested!

Favorite Series:

In the second slide below, you’ll find books that are currently in a ‘buy two get one free’ sale. I’ve purchased some of these books for Georgie’s Easter basket and of course, for our sanity the next few weeks! My mom has always said she’d rarely tell me ‘no’ when I asked for a book because reading is so important for children. I hope Georgie loves reading as much as her father and I do, so I’m diligently building her little library one book at a time.

Buy Two Get One Free:

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