Graduation Outfit Idea

May 22, 2017

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Sunnies.  Dress.  Necklace.  2017 Token Pendant.  Perfume.  Clutch.  Shoes.

After three graduations (not counting preschool – why do they do that anyway?) I’ve perfected the art of dressing for matriculation. Read below for my best tips on graduation dressing and why I chose each piece in the collage above.

  • One, choose a dress that doesn’t have too much fabric to make you warm under those awful polyester robes but isn’t too short to give the front row a show when you walk across the stage. This dress is classic, tasteful, and perfect for both graduation and celebratory events after with friends and family.
  • Two, apply a light and classic fragrance that won’t overwhelm your seatmates. Graduations are long, closely-packed affairs that tend to be a bit warm. This fragrance is a soft, feminine blend of rose, peony, and jasmine. It smells fresh, elegant, and has just a hint of subtle sexiness.
  • Three, don’t forget to tuck your essentials into a clutch and hand it to  a friend or family member to hold for you until after the ceremony is over. I brought powder, oil-blotting sheets, lipstick, and my cell phone in mine. You don’t want to miss out on all those congratulatory texts and photo opportunities while you’re celebrating post-hat-toss! I love the sea blue color of this suede fringe clutch and its particularly fun detachable, swingy tassel.
  • Four, incorporate some piece of meaningful jewelry. This gold-plated token and 18″ chain necklace make for a beautiful graduation gift. In Britain, the practice of giving a loved one an engraved coin goes back for over 400 years. For you Anglophiles, this particular token is the exact weight of a British pound coin. And although this one depicts ‘MMXVII’ (2017 in Roman numerals) instead of Queen Elizabeth, it makes for a memorable, meaningful graduation gift.
  • Lastly, don’t make the same mistake I did and wear uncomfortable shoes! There’s nothing worse than your feet being in pain through an hours-long ceremony, photos afterward, and family functions or celebrations that can last long into the night. I never witnessed anyone tripping or falling across the stage at my own graduations, but I can imagine that would be awful. These flats are beautifully made by one of my favorite shoe designers. The color is stunning and they tie securely around the ankle; completely trip-proof!

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  1. Bernice says:

    The dress is so cute! I wish I could’ve worn something like that to my graduation but it was strictly black tie formal. The gold token however does make a great gift for future graduations I attend for my friends 🙂