Hot Cocoa Bar

December 23, 2017

Categories: Holiday, Home

hot cocoa bar

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hot cocoa bar

Classic and Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa.  Marshmallow Letters.  Marshmallow Stockings and Trees.  Marshmallow Snowmen.  Salted Caramels.  Santa Sleigh Iced Cookies.  Similar Santa Mug.

Hosting a hot cocoa bar is one of my favorite things to do over the holiday season and even into the winter months. My mother keeps a stocked hot cocoa bar in our home throughout the holiday season and everyone looks forward to making their own perfect cup with all the extras. If you’re hosting one for children, offer cold milk to dilute strong hot chocolate or cool a cup of extra hot cocoa. If you’re hosting one for adults, offer a creamy liqueur like Bailey’s or Godiva. Then bring on the cheesy Hallmark movies and a few holiday classics too!

  1. Briana says:

    I always have hot cocoa bars for my holiday parties! Love yours!