Lilly Pulitzer Bridesmaids Beach Weekend

August 13, 2014

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Banner – Etsy. Details on welcome gifts under photos below.

Tee, gift box, and flamingo straws – Nico and Lala.  Decorated bucket – Hobby Lobby. Bath Goodies – Bath & Body Works.  Snacks – Target.  Gift Box with sunglasses, nail polish, nail file, and face mask – Von Maur.
Glitter banner – Etsy.  Tassel banner – Hobby Lobby (the girls mixed pink and green).

Water bottle labels and flamingo straws – Nico and Lala. Lilly cups from Swoozies. Lilly napkins from Country Club Prep. Floral paper bowls for snacks from Target. Confetti from The Confetti Bar.

We recycled this banner from AW’s bachelorette party. Tissue poms – Hobby Lobby.
Tee, gift box, tumbler, and “Hangover Kit” – Nico & Lala.

“Hangover Kit” with saltines, Advil, gum, and makeup wipes – Nico & Lala. I added: Facial mask – Target. Champagne-spiked gummy bears – Sugarfina.

Gift box and custom Brittany loves John tumbler – Nico & Lala

Confetti – The Confetti Bar.


Some people say that their bachelorette/bachelor party is “one last night to be single”.  In my opinion, it’s not… I stopped being single a while ago.  Let me tell you, when we were single, my girlfriends and I had enough crazy bachelorette nights to last a lifetime.  I could tell you some stories that would make your hair curl!!  And that’s how it should be… Your single years are for you to be a little crazy, make a few mistakes, make some decisions that are perfectly right for that moment, and to learn and grow as a person.  I don’t regret a single moment!!

“I’m still a bad girl… I still have that side of me, it’s just in its place now.  It belongs to Brad… Or our adventures.” 
– Angelina Jolie

My parents always tell me… Marriage and relationships are hard enough; don’t create obstacles and issues that aren’t necessary.  I didn’t want to start out a lifelong commitment with questionable, shady behavior.  I didn’t want to be making out with some guy in da club or doing blowjob shots out of someone’s lap… I felt it wasn’t right to John.  And luckily, my girlfriends felt the same and we had the most amazing girly weekend in Santa Monica, California.  We had plenty of beach time, a slumber party, and ended the weekend with a drag queen show and a stop by my favorite gay bar.

But for today, I just wanted to show you some photos of all our incredible Lilly Pulitzer-themed decor and gifts.  I was shocked and astounded by the amount of time and effort my bridesmaids, especially my Maid and Matron of Honor, put into this beautiful room.  The entire room was like walking into a Lilly dream, with the cutest gifts on everyone’s beds, and lots of snacks and drinks waiting for post-sunshine starvation!!

On Thursday, we freshened up and headed out to a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  After dinner, we got into pajamas and had a little slumber party on the beds.  My friend LD bought me the most amazing Chanel bag cake I’ve ever seen!!  It was stunning.  We definitely indulged in that fantastic raspberry-flavored cake and ice cold champagne… You can’t have a slumber party without champagne!!

I am so lucky to have these girls in my life… They are the best and it’s so easy for all of us to chat and laugh like no time has passed since the last time we were together.  They get along so well with friends from different parts of my life… It’s just a testament to what great people they all are.

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