Cindy Crawford Bridal Inspiration

January 8, 2014

Categories: Wedding

Aside from the fact I think Cindy Crawford may be the most beautiful woman of our time, I think she made a stunning bride.  I remember seeing Cindy and Rande’s wedding photos in magazines when they were first released and dreaming of my own wedding someday.

While I don’t envision myself getting married on the beach or in a short dress, I do hope that I’m as carefree and glowing as Cindy was that day.  Oh, and if I could also have those long legs I’d be very appreciative.



Another thing I love about these beachy nuptials??  They’ve lasted fifteen years now… Which is something rare in our society, and a unicorn when celebrities are concerned.

Here’s to being a bride so glowing and relaxed… With a groom that looks as joyful as Mr. Gerber.

  1. Cannot believe Cindy Crawford retweeted this blog today! That is so exciting, and a testament to your ability to connect others. Success!

  2. Cindy fan says:

    Cindy Crawford retweeted this?!! :O You're so lucky. Congrats!!