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September 26, 2017

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apple watch review

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Apple Watch 38mm Pink Sand Strap.  Apple Watch Black Leather Classic Strap (ON SALE).  Apple Watch Charging Dock.

Wearing:  Denim Jacket.  Workout Tank (ON SALE).  Ivy Park Sweatpants (The BEST You Will Ever Wear!)  Gray Phone Crossbody Bag.  White Birkenstocks.

“It’s the ugliest watch I’ve ever seen… Who would wear that?!” My exact words after Apple launched its much-discussed Apple Watch a few years ago. I found its sleek, glass design to be unattractive and lacking any creativity whatsoever, especially when it comes to the strap selections. And then I attended a wedding at which many of my friends were wearing the Apple Watch. My criticisms of the watch’s outward appearance quickly disappeared when I saw exactly how functional it is.

These women were answering phone calls via their wrist, simultaneously wrangling children and bridesmaid dresses. One was touching up her makeup and with just a word to her wrist she sent a message to her husband, letting him know it was time to pick up all her primping items from the bridal suite. Another was requesting an Uber from her wrist, her arms full of wedding gifts. They seemed like Wonder Women with their watches and suddenly the watch’s stark design didn’t seem quite so bad after all as I fumbled around with my phone in hand.

Since you’ve been seeing my watch in my Instagram Stories, many of you have been asking me about it… What I like, what I don’t, and what apps I use. In this post I’m breaking down all the details for you!

The Basics

I have the Apple Watch Series 2 38mm in Rose Gold. This is the smaller size and I love it as the larger 42mm seemed to take up my entire wrist and appeared more masculine. However, if you prefer oversized watches and are used to wearing one you would probably be happy with the larger 42mm size. I am linking the new Series 3 watch that recently launched September 22nd in this post because the Series 2 is no longer available via Apple and is not currently shipping from Target either. (Plus, if you’re going to get one, might as well have the one with the latest bells and whistles, right?!)

I wear the size S/M Pink Sand strap. My wrist is about 6″ around and I could also wear the size M/L strap, but the excess strap length hanging off looked a bit sloppy and bothered me. I understand that if you order the watch online, you get both strap sizes in the box. I prefer the Pink Sand strap for working out, doing housework, yard work, etc. I also have the Classic Black Leather strap for everyday and to pair with casual outfits.

I found that at night my watch often slid off the flimsy charger that comes with the Apple Watch. I would wake up with an uncharged watch more often than not, so I found this rose gold Belkin Charging Dock that keeps both my iPhone and Apple Watch organized and charging during the night. It looks super cute on my nightstand and now I just take the original charging cord when I travel. If you’re also a fan of the AirPods headphones like I am, I also found this pink charging station that allows you to charge all three Apple products at once.

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I got my Apple Watch in the hopes that it would improve my productivity and it has certainly done so. Since I work from home and toggle between housewife and blogger roles a large part of my time is spent doing laundry, tidying our home, doing yard work, steaming clothes for shoots, and photographing new products. I’m all over our house during the day. That used to mean I had my phone in hand in case anyone called or I needed to keep up with Instagram comments in between tasks. But the biggest difference the Apple Watch has made is eliminating the need to carry my phone with me 24/7. I can easily call, text, and see emails that come through from my watch. And with the Airpods, I don’t even have to speak into my wrist, so I can keep gardening or folding laundry during my phone call.

When I’m out, I leave my phone in my bag and use the Apple Watch to send talk-to-text messages and pick up phone calls. I use the Uber app, the Starbucks app, and the Maps app the most when I’m on the go.

Health & Fitness

I have had a love-hate relationship with working out the past two years and my Apple Watch has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. I never realized how much time I spend sitting at my desk until I began wearing my watch and receiving “Stand Reminders” when I have been sitting too long, working through emails and creating blog posts. A notice pops up on my screen and I take that as my hint to let the pups out, tidy up, or go run an errand or two. Instead of slouching at my computer for hours on end, my days are interspersed with activities and I feel happier and healthier overall. I can check the effectiveness of my activity throughout the day in the Activity app, which tracks calories burned, steps taken, and hours standing vs. sitting.

It can be difficult to prioritize health in a culture that romanticizes being busy and rewards long hours. But… I’ve learned there is a fine line between being productive and living an unhealthy lifestyle. If we do not have our health, we have nothing. This also includes mental health. The Apple Watch comes with the Breathe app, which facilities mindful breathing throughout the day. The app guides you through, inhale by exhale, and monitors your heart rate. I began to look forward to these moments when I could take a few deep breaths, think about my day, and be grateful. Over the course of a couple weeks, I noticed my heart rate had gone down a bit as well. Recent neuroimaging studies have suggested that meditation increases the functional and structural plasticity of neural processes underlying emotion and attention.

Another app I’ve fallen in love with is Kayla Itsine’s Sweat app. Fondly known as “BBG” or Bikini Body Guide by her devotees, it is an easy-to-use app that provides the user with weekly workout plans comprised of clearly depicted moves that can be done from anywhere with very little equipment. The app also provides a meal plan (I haven’t used this feature yet) and playlists of music to listen to while you complete the workouts.

Apps To Check Out

Breathe – Comes with iOS

The Breathe app is a mindful breathing guide for reducing stress and improving overall mental health.

Sweat – Available Here

The Sweat app is an easy-to-use weekly workout plan, food plan, and weight tracker.

iTranslate – Available Here

iTranslate provides a button that allows you to say something into your wrist to get it quickly translated into whatever language you need.

Mint – Available Here

The Mint app keeps track of the bills you have coming in and the money flowing in and out of your accounts. Allows you to quickly see an overview of your budget at a glance.

Shazam – Available Here

Shazam is an app that recognizes music being played, then finds the song info and the lyrics for you too.

Trivia Crack – Available Here

Trivia Crack is a more basic version of Trivial Pursuit, but a great way for us nerdy folk to pass waiting room and line time nonetheless.

Peak Brain Training – Available Here

Remember in The Other Woman when Kate King says she needs “brain camp”? Well, here it is… Designed by both neuroscientists and gamers.

Quartz – Available Here

The Quartz app breaks global news down into bite-sized pieces with an opportunity to learn more if you want.

Do you have the Apple Watch? I need to know your favorite features and most-used apps! Any hidden treasure apps I’m missing?

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