Christmas Nursery

December 23, 2019

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Crochet Bunny. Bunny Rocker. Claris Book. Claris Fashion Book. White Farmhouse. Teal Townhouse. Bottle Brush Trees.

Photography of Georgina and I by McKenzie Coyle Photography

When I was a little girl, my mom would decorate my bedroom for Christmas. I had a garland with ornaments and pink velvet bows hanging over my head and a little tree with my favorite ornaments in the corner. I remember feeling so special when I put on my holiday pajamas and got into bed. Even though Georgie is far too little to understand Christmas or even remember the decorations, my mom and I wanted to create a little Christmas magic in her room. (Mostly one of us would watch Georgie while the other decorated!)

I’ve had a lot of people ask about the ribbon in my main Christmas tree and I did it exactly how I ribboned Georgie’s tree, just on a larger scale. You’ll need to get wired ribbon from a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The key is to cut pieces between 8-24 inches, depending on your tree, and tuck them into the branches at random diagonals as if they are woven throughout the tree. Do this after you add your lights but before you put any ornaments on.

The ornaments came from Hobby Lobby, Target, Caitlin Wilson Design, and Neiman Marcus. There are far too many to link individually, but I did link one of my favorites in the slide below. I also linked these darling holiday houses I used to make a little snow village for Georgie; they’re absolutely darling and you could really add them anywhere in your home. I added some snow fluff and vintage-inspired bottle brush trees for a little charm. I linked most of the snow village setup in the slide below.

Georgie loves looking at her girly Christmas tree and little snow village each day. And I have to admit, I appreciate having such a pretty view as I spend so much of my time in her nursery with her. Feeding her, changing her, and rocking her while I enjoy pretty holiday decorations has been a blessing throughout these busy new-baby weeks.

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