Life Lately: DEN, CHI, NYC, Repeat.

February 2, 2015

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Beautiful confections at Chicago designer Mira Couture‘s showroom.

A delish little haven in the city… Fig & Olive.

I ordered the Fig & Olive Salad.

F&O makes a mean cappuccino.

I’ve been missing writing and editing my outfit posts so much it’s ridiculous.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…
In mid-January my mom and I flew to Chicago for dress fittings.  Her rehearsal and wedding dresses are from there, as is my rehearsal dress.  Although wedding emails and callings were coming through at a breakneck pace, we found a little time to spend lunch with J’s mom at Fig & Olive and were able to decompress in the evenings.  We ordered room service and watched a wonderful movie called The Good Lie.  If you haven’t had the chance, please watch it – it’s a beautiful story.
From dreary, blustery Chicago my mom went home and J met me in the airport to journey on to New York for more dress fittings.  (I really am quite tired of being half naked in front of other people by now.)  While he doesn’t want to see the dresses until our wedding day, he was happy to go along and help me with our seating chart and other wedding planning tasks in between fittings.

At night we saw the musical Aladdin; a colorful, imaginative feast for the eyes and a must-see for any Disney fan.  Granted, J had to drink his Ketel One out of a souvenir plastic cup… But I don’t think he minded too much.  We met a good family friend for dinner at Smith & Wollensky.  And we had nightcaps at The Rose Club in The Plaza.

I’ve been wearing this outfit combo over and over again lately.  This thick fisherman’s sweater is cozy and incredibly warm.  I wear it with leggings and these Frye boots that seem to bridge the gap between casual and dressy perfectly.  I add a little scarf for color sometimes, and if I’m cold I’ll throw on this fur vest from Vince (similar one here).  It’s the perfect winter outfit and lends itself to traveling because everything is so comfortable.

I had a week at home, during which I worked on wedding planning nearly nonstop and managed to get a cold!!  So with an aching face, I boarded my flight last Monday to NYC.  Of course, there was a giant snowstorm forecasted which caused my flight to be diverted to Newark, NJ.  In whiteout conditions, the emergency flight I booked back to Denver was cancelled and all transportation by car into the city was taking an average of 2-3 hours.  Faced with waiting out the storm in the NJ airport or trying out the train system into the city, I chose the latter.

Thank goodness for my sweet friends… They guided me into the city (dragging along my giant leopard suitcase the entire time) and I stayed at my girlfriend’s place to indulge in some takeout, wine, and Nicholas Sparks movies.  We filled the bathtub just in case of power and water outages and went to bed expecting to wake up to a NYC snow globe.  Except… We didn’t.  The 2 feet of snow ended up being 4-6 inches and streets were relatively clear by noon that day.

My dress fittings cancelled, we spent Tuesday grabbing lunch with another NYC friend, working out at SoulCycle, hitting up a pharmacy to soothe my sinus problems, and seeing the movie Into the Woods (awful – don’t waste your time!)

My dress fittings were rescheduled Wednesday and I was thrilled to see both dresses again in person.  After multiple fittings, they were snug around me and the perfect length; I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.  It was the last time I would have them on my body before the wedding and it was an emotional day.

Thursday I picked up my wedding gown and hauled it home with me.  I was so happy to get home and begin packing and finalizing details for our wedding!!  I cannot believe it’s so close.  I have a lot to finish up and I won’t likely be posting much… But you can keep up with me and any posts in the meantime through my social media:

See you soon!!

  1. Sami says:

    I can't believe the week of your wedding is here! I can't wait see pictures, I'm sure everything will be beautiful and perfect 🙂

  2. Megan R. says:

    I'm definitely checking out that movie. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. Amy says:

    that floral dress is stunning! Your makeup looks like perfection!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins