Our Wedding Trailer

March 27, 2015

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I am so excited to be able to show you a little sneak peek into our wedding day!!

VHVIDEO.COM were our videographers for our wedding weekend and they also visited us to film our couple’s story on one of Colorado’s beautiful fall days before the wedding.  It was a way for us to tell our love story to people who might only know John or only know me at our wedding.  The video was beautiful, even showcased our dogs, and was shown on giant video monitors after guests entered the reception from the cocktail party.

VHVIDEO.COM was so incredible to work with we had no doubts they would make our wedding day enjoyable and capture all the moments that were near and dear to our hearts for us to look back on and remember always.  Any of you who are married know that after the wedding you can feel a little sad it’s all over, and photo and video can help you relive that special day for years to come.

I wanted to give you this little sneak peek into our special day before I begin sharing all our moments event by event next week.  Enjoy!!

  1. Brittany says:

    Beautiful! I'm planning a September wedding and stuff like this makes me excited!

  2. Ashley says:

    So beautiful! Investing in a videographer for our wedding was the BEST decision we made for our wedding day. I still get teary eyed watching the video almost 2 years later!

    • We heard so many stories similar to yours, we knew we couldn't skip a videographer!! That makes me so happy to hear 🙂 I can't wait to get our full version back!! I'm totally going to be the crazy girl sitting in my wedding dress and watching it over and over!! xo

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi Brittany! Wow, your wedding was gorgeous! After you are done posting about all the fascinating little pieces, could you maybe do a post on how you organized your budget? I am working with a budget of 25K and I would like to make it as magical as yours. Especially with the videographer and painter! WOW!! <3 <3 xx

    • Hi Samantha, I would love to do a video on the budget but I'd like to keep it private and sometimes posts and videos where I discuss finances or budgets get people upset. For that reason, I tend to stay away from those topics to avoid negativity. 🙁

      But… I'll do a little mini post just for you right here 🙂

      We worked with a budget our wedding planner made for us, but you can find similar ones by googling 'wedding budget breakdown' and people have created documents where you can just punch in your total budget and it breaks down what you should spend by category. A lot of wedding planning books have this in them as well, but just google it and download for free!!

      You can definitely have a wonderful wedding with your budget… I've seen it done!! I would make a list of what things are absolutely most important to you. Then you can move the budget around from category to category to fit your preferences.

      Things I would suggest splurging on?? A band totally sets the tone and energy of your wedding. Also… Photography and videography because those are things that last forever.

      Things to save on?? Church programs and wedding favors because they almost always get thrown away. Also… If you find a cheaper dress that fits you well, you can pay for a great tailor to customize it and tailor it perfectly to your body. See if a local cooking school would cater your event, since food and beverage is often the largest expense. Simple comfort foods like mini burgers and mac n' cheese are popular now, so go with it and save a bit there!! Also… Limit the booze to beer and wine instead of liquor and you can save a lot of money, plus save the embarrassment of drunken guests!!

      Hope this helps!! Xo Britt

  4. It was the ultimate fairy tale – know, cos I was there! Xxx