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February 6, 2018

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Laulhère Beret.  Chelsea28 Sweater – Sold Out, See Selections Below.  Victoria Beckham Denim Flare.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Noé BB.

Off the shoulder. Yes, I’m still enjoying this trend. Why, you ask? Because everyone (and I do mean everyone) has great shoulders. Think about it; no one’s shoulders really age or gain weight or look awful. It’s a flattering body part that showcases a feminine clavicle, a beautiful necklace, or a new haircut. And you really can’t go wrong with an off-shoulder sweater like this during these tricky, transitional winter-spring months.

I’ve been thrilled that flared denim is back in the shops again; it’s the most flattering style for girls with curvy hips and thighs like me. Which brings me to another reason I’m snapping up all the off-shoulder sweaters recently. A wee little tip I learned in fashion school: off-shoulder tops accentuate shoulders, making the waist and hips appear smaller. So when off-shoulder sweaters like this are paired with flares, it creates a beautiful illusion; the shoulders and hemline appear largest and everything in between (waist/hips/thighs) seems smaller in comparison. For the most flattering cut, have jeans hemmed so they brush right at the knuckle of your toes in heels. I have yet to hem this pair I’m wearing; I usually wait until I see which shoes I wear a pair of denim with most before having them altered.

I had to have one of these Laulhère berets after seeing this segment about the quintessential French hat on CBS Sunday Morning. Laulhère is a French company that has been making berets for over 170 years; in fact, they’re the last French company hand-crafting berets. I was able to find my red beret (yes, it’s called ‘raspberry’) online, but it’s not easy to locate them stateside!

Fit Details:  Go up a full size in these jeans as they are very fitted! (Did we expect less from Victoria?!)

Pretty Little Off-The-Shoulder Sweaters

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