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November 1, 2019

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newborn essentials

Thank you so much for the kind words of congratulations you’ve left me on my Instagram since I’ve had Georgina. I feel like I waited for the “right time” to enter this season of my life and now I’m not sure why; motherhood has been the most beautiful experience and I’ve never loved anything or anyone the way I love my daughter. I am so grateful for each day with her – even the tough ones – and I never want to take one minute for granted because I realize we are beyond blessed to have this happy, healthy little girl in our lives. Sometimes when I’m holding her as she sleeps I could swear my heart is actually melting; she has changed me in the best ways possible.

I’ve had a few people ask if I’ll be sharing my birth story and I’ve decided not to share that part of my experience. When my husband and I went on our hospital tour, the birth concierge suggested we wait until after we were home to share anything about the baby on social media. My husband and I thought it was a great idea in terms of safety but also a way to thoroughly enjoy the birth of our daughter without having to immediately respond to countless text messages, etc. We only told our immediate family members when we went into the hospital. And it was the best thing we’ve ever done. Those two nights in the hospital with our new baby girl were cozy and sweet and we felt cocooned in the love of our little family of three. There are some things that are just too precious to be shared with the world right away and the birth of our first daughter was one of them for us. I had a wonderful birth experience and will forever cherish that time of my life. When we got home, we reached out to more friends and families, posted Georgie’s birth announcement, and let everyone know it was okay to share photos. Everyone is different, but in our share-everything-immediately world those few days of privacy felt so wonderful. I would recommend any pregnant mama consider doing this.

That being said, I began sharing photos + videos of our baby girl when I felt ready and now I probably overshare. I am with her 24/7 and have never felt so proud of or attached to anyone – ever! She’s just wonderful and I’m happy to share the things we love with you. If you haven’t had a baby before, the hundreds of websites and pages of baby products can be overwhelming. Ultimately, “what works” will be up to your little one to decide. But these are the products and brands making us happy right now.


This is an area where my husband and I were a bit naive. When we were freshly engaged and house hunting, we found our home and were thrilled that it had a second bathroom upstairs “for the kids”. What we didn’t think about was that children generally need and prefer a bathtub versus a shower, so that second bathroom has become John’s domain and Georgie will share the master bath with me. Not ideal, but it works for us while she’s small and he and I don’t mind having our own bathrooms.

Bath Tubs… Between one and two months, we transitioned from sponge baths to baths in this delightfully soft little flower that fits perfectly in my bathroom sink. Georgina loves bath time now. I have this infant tub ready to go in my bath tub for when she’s a bit bigger and can no longer comfortably fit in the sink.

Bath Products… In the first few weeks after having Georgie I could tell she was having issues with dry skin – common here in Colorado’s arid climate. So I began looking for a non-toxic baby product and found the Pipette brand. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the Pipette Baby Shampoo + Wash that cleanses without fragrance and without drying my baby’s delicate skin. And after Georgie’s bath, I rub the Pipette Baby Oil onto her hair, forehead, arms, and legs. It’s become our little spa ritual and Georgie loves it. The dry skin she had on her scalp and forehead disappeared after only two applications and her skin feels so much more supple. The oil is my favorite, but the Pipette Baby Balm melts into an oil and is great to keep in the diaper bag for hydrating on the go. I use it on my hands since the constant hand washing really dries them out.

Bath Linens… Baby skin is so delicate, I recommend using organic baby wash cloths to gently wash them in the bath. I use the Burt’s Bees wash cloths; they have one smooth side for the face and one slightly more textured for dry scalp skin or dried spit-up, etc. I wrap Georgie in this little unicorn towel after her bath to keep her warm while we do her spa time! One of my best friends gifted her this unicorn robe for when she’s a bit bigger.

Favorite Bath Products


The Basics… I’ve used Water Wipes for years now to help take off my makeup at night and I continue to like them to change Georgie’s diaper for the simple fact they are fairly clean so I feel safe using them on my baby. I also like the Pampers Aqua Pure baby wipes. We are currently using Pampers Swaddlers diapers, although I’ve become increasingly curious about the Coterie brand I’ve been hearing about lately. Let me know if you’ve tried it.

The Gear… It’s been so crucial for us to have a diaper changing station on each floor. Upstairs we have a furniture changing table and use the Ubbi Diaper Pail, which is great because it contains any scent but the opening slides open so I can also toss anything else I need to such as clothing tags or wrapping. Downstairs we have a Pack N Play where I change her and she can take a nap; these aren’t beautiful by any means but they are so functional and can grow with your child to become a playpen. We use the Arm & Hammer Munchkin Step Diaper Pail downstairs solely for diapers and wipes because it twists shut each time you close the lid. I prefer the Seal and Toss Bags as opposed to the really long ones because I think it’s just nasty to keep diapers in the house that long.

When I asked about baby products, people were really split on the idea of a baby wipe warmer. I decided to get this wipe warmer and try it out… And I love it. Every baby is different, but Georgie really hates being cold. She doesn’t like getting out of her bath, being changed, etc. So having the wipes at least room temperature makes her more comfortable. And I love the night light feature on the one I have; it’s been great for nighttime diaper changes and feedings.

On The Go… One of my most reordered items have been these disposable waterproof changing pads. We actually use them to cover our changing areas in the house because sometimes your little one will start to go once you take their diaper off, so it saves constantly washing the changing pad and makes me feel like the changing table is a bit more hygienic. But these are truly a lifesaver on the go! I can toss a couple in my bag and change Georgie on the backseat/trunk of my car or just place it down for extra peace of mind on a public changing table. These disposable baggies are great for tossing in diapers and wipes as you change your baby in the car or anywhere else without a nearby trash bin. I just tie up the bag like a doggie bag and once I see a trash bin, I drop it in.

Favorite Diaper Products


Georgina’s Closet Organization Post

When I was pregnant, I went through each and every drawer in our house and donated or sold about half my clothing, shoes, holiday decor, and craft materials to make room for this baby girl and her things. And I am so glad I did. Because babies take up much more room than you think… And buying clothes is more fun when they are mini sized and half the price of mine!

Sizing… When Georgie was brand new, most of the clothes I brought to the hospital didn’t fit her. Carter’s was one of the only brands whose NB size actually fit – and it was great to be able to snap them up at Target or Buy Buy Baby. Looking for a brand that runs big? Try Feltman Brothers.

Brands… My mom and I love discovering new children’s brands and trying them out with G. We’ll hunt online or on Instagram and then send each other our new finds. We both lean toward classic, feminine pieces. Some of our favorite brands and shops are: Zara, Janie & Jack, Kissy Kissy, Beaufort Bonnet Company, Feltman Brothers, Little English, Pukatuka, Bonpoint, Jacadi, Rachel Riley, Pepa & Company, Mi Loves, Belle Enfant, Age of Innocence, and Maisonette.

Mittens… This was something people told me I didn’t need, so I didn’t buy before I had Georgina. I soon realized Georgie needed them when she started scratching her face during her sleep and when she was upset. I began putting the No-Scratch Mittens from Lou Lou & Company on her; I left them on her pretty much nonstop until she was about a month and a half, then I switched to only using them at night. She still wears the Carter’s brand mittens at night because they’re a bit bigger.

Diaper Covers… One of my must-haves if you love putting your little girl in dresses is a ruffled diaper cover so her diaper isn’t out if her dress comes up. Feltman Brothers makes beautiful diaper covers as well.

Convertible Gowns… Gowns are a great way to save some time changing your little one’s diaper at night. These convertible gowns by Kissy Kissy can be slid up for a diaper change, but can also be snapped as a romper so your little one can go in the carseat. The Magnetic Me outfits are great too; they quickly fasten shut with magnets instead of snaps.

Favorite Clothing Items


Favorites… When I was pregnant with Georgina I had these visions of her room with just a few neutral, possibly wooden, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful toys. I love the toys from Scandiborn and Pottery Barn Baby. But Georgie likes a lot of entertainment and stimulation during her days (my mom finally told me, “this baby is just bored!”) so I gave in and got some hideous bright plastic toys that she’s absolutely delighted with. Her absolute favorite? This Kick & Play Piano Gym she plays with at least twice a day (the batteries have already worn out once!) She can touch the hanging toys, smile at herself in the mirror, listen to the music, and kick her feet which light up the corresponding piano keys. We’ve also been playing with the Linkimals Moose and Linkimals Llama – both musical, with lights and catchy songs. Her favorite books have been the ones about various baby animals and their lives – she’ll laugh while I read them over and over to her. A Little Owl and A Little Fox have been particular favorites.

Playroom Plans… I keep a fabric box of small toys and books downstairs for Georgie, but my husband and I have quickly realized we need to create a designated space for the clutter she loves. Her nursery is finished (photos coming soon!) and there’s not much room for lots of toys, so we’ll be using one of the other small bedrooms for a very simple playroom and space for my laundry drying racks. My thinking is I’ll be able to do lots of laundry while she plays with her toys. Any suggestions for toy storage or furniture you love? I think we’ll only need a bookshelf and some type of furniture with drawers or bins.

Favorite Toys

On The Go

Diaper Bag Post

Stroller… We spotted my stroller last year in Harrod’s before I even knew I was pregnant. We were walking through the store and I commented on a beautiful Silver Cross Wave stroller, even giving it a push around the floor. It was so beautiful I knew I wanted it as our stroller when I found out I was pregnant and I adore it. It rolls smoothly, comes with both a bassinet and toddler seat, easily accommodates my diaper bag in the basket below, and folds down to fit in my car’s trunk. It also comes with a rain cover, bug net, cup holder, and you can add on a parasol as well. We’ve taken it to the shopping mall and the pumpkin farm and everywhere we go, we get compliments on it; it’s just a stately, elegant pram. I have seen and tried out a lot of strollers on the market and I can confidently say it is the best stroller out there – I will never use anything other than Silver Cross. Two things I would suggest are the stroller hook for hanging your purse or shopping bags on the handle bar of your stroller, and a stroller organizer for tucking in smaller items like your phone, keys, and a burp cloth. If you live in a cold climate like we do, you may want to look into a shearling stroller liner (I have the color “Milk” from Binibamba). It really does keep your little one nice and toasty when it’s a bit chilly out.

Carrying… I didn’t know I would love babywearing so much. Carrying Georgina makes me feel so close to her; it reminds me of when I was pregnant and she was safe inside. She enjoys it too because she almost always calms and falls asleep when I’m wearing her. My favorite carriers are the Ergobaby using the Infant Insert which is easy to put on myself and feels really secure for long walks. It has a pouch for my phone and keys and is made of really strong, thick material that can get a bit warm, but hasn’t deterred me. I prefer the Ergobaby for long walks outside and for wearing for lengthy periods of time when I’m doing things around the house such as laundry, dishes, etc. I also have an Artipoppe carrier which, in my opinion, is the most beautiful carrier on the market. The Artipoppe carrier comes in really fun patterns and is much lighter than the Ergobaby. It’s a bit more difficult to put on myself because the straps need to cross behind my back. Georgina feels quite comfy in it, but it doesn’t hold her quite as securely as the Ergobaby does, so for that reason I prefer it for quick jaunts; grabbing groceries, picking up a few things at Target, and recently, through a museum exhibit.

Car Seat… I chose the Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat in Sand. I liked the light weight of this car seat, its great ratings and reviews, and the anti-rebound bar. But honestly, I don’t have much to compare it to because car seats are one of those things you really have to use every day to accurately review. I don’t have anything bad to say about this, I guess I’m just not as obsessed with it as I am with my stroller. It probably doesn’t help that Georgina doesn’t love being in her car seat the way most babies do – she cries when taken in/out of it and sometimes even cries throughout the car ride. (It could be interesting when we try to do our usual lengthy road trips with her!) When it’s time for Georgina to transition into a toddler car seat I may switch to another brand or one of the swiveling car seats to make getting her in and out a bit easier.


A major topic requested by you. I am by no means an expert on sleep and I think these decisions are up to every parent to make. Personally, I’m not really into intense scheduling; I don’t think it’s healthy to live with zero flexibility and to be honest, I am not organized enough to run our lives down to the minute. Let’s just say I like a routine but not schedules. That being said, Georgie started sleeping 6+ hour stretches on her own starting at 4 weeks old and now averages 7-9 hours a night. She fights daytime naps like I did as a baby, but at least my husband and I don’t feel like zombies all the time. Here are a few things that have helped us encourage Georgie’s sleep habits.

Sleep Essentials… We do eat-awake time-sleep cycles throughout the day about every 3-4 hours – I follow Georgie’s lead but this is what works for her right now. We keep the lights dim and everything relatively quiet starting about an hour before we’re going to put her down for bed while I bathe her, put her into fresh pjs, and give her a nighttime bottle. And this is key… I keep her warm. I keep our house temp above 70 degrees and either put her in fleece pajamas or top her onesie with a sleep sack. We also use a white noise machine my sister-in-law gave us that Georgie loves for both daytime naps and nighttime sleep. She also usually likes a pacifier as she goes to sleep (I like these glow-in-the-dark pacifiers for nighttime) and if she fusses during the night I just replace it and she usually goes right back to sleep.

Bassinet… This was a highly requested topic! Without a doubt, I would say the most crucial aides in helping Georgie sleep through the night have been the above “essentials”… But I have heard people who swear the bassinet is the make-or-break factor in their baby’s sleep. Georgina sleeps in the Snoo – which is a sleek and streamlined smart bassinet and its footprint is much smaller than other brands, meaning it can fit right by my bed. But I have yet to sleep a night with it turned on. The first night we strapped Georgie into it and she loved the gentle motion and white noise, but when her crying increased the Snoo began shaking her vigorously (which it is supposed to do) and it only made her progressively more upset until she was full-out screaming and I could barely get the Snoo turned off quickly enough! This was hard for both her and I to experience and that’s why I chose not to turn it on after that. I think your experience could be different if your child slowlyyyy ramps up their crying, but Georgie seems to be a 0-60 kind of gal. Now that Georgie is a little older and sleeps through the night with only a few gentle fusses in the early morning, I may try strapping her in and turning it on because she does like white noise and gentle motion when going to sleep and it could get us an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning. I believe in what the doctor who designed the Snoo espouses and because we were gifted the Snoo by my mother-in-law we can keep it and use it again with our (hopefully!) next baby. Snoo also has a rental system if you prefer not to buy one.

Crib… I will talk more about this in my nursery post, but we chose one of the iron cribs from Corsican in an antique ivory color. Our decorator had some of the elements changed to give us the feminine garden look we wanted. This month I’ve begun putting Georgie down for naps in her crib so she begins to get used to it. So far she naps just as well in the crib as she does in her bassinet or the bassinet that comes with the Pack-n-Play downstairs. We hope to travel with Georgie, so I want her to get used to sleeping anywhere… In her carrier, the car seat, the bassinet, the crib. I can’t imagine not hearing her little snores right next to me during the night, so I suppose we’ll fully transition to the crib later on.

Security… Since I hate being away from Georgie for even an hour, security when she’s napping is obviously important to me. My mother-in-law gave us the Owlet camera + sock at my baby shower and I swear by it. We have our own home security, but this gives us extra peace of mind. I can see Georgie, hear her even when out of the app, talk to her, monitor her heart rate and oxygen levels, record sleep patterns, and see when movement or sound is sensed in the room. It’s fantastic. If she happens to fall asleep without me slipping her sock on I can still see, hear, and talk to her.


Hand Sanitizing… I keep Purel foam dispensers stocked around the house – for guests to use on the main floor and for me to use at both of Georgie’s changing tables. I also have Purel wipes in my bag. But for surfaces that Georgie is likely to touch or toys she’s playing with, I keep alcohol-free hand sanitizer wipes handy. These are great if your little one drops a toy while going through the store or if you want to wipe down the handles of their carseat or stroller.

Blankets + Burp Cloths… Aside from handmade items (which we have been lucky enough to be given and Georgina lovesss) we have really been enjoying an organic cotton blanket and a double-sided personalized one my friend gave to Georgie from Etsy. I’m not sure which shop she purchased from, but have a look on the website and see what you can find… Georgie’s has her birth details and her name embroidered beautifully on it. Our favorite burp cloths so far are the muslin ‘burpy bibs’ from Aden and Anais; they’re absorbent and withstand wash after wash. I also really love the little muslin bibs and blankets from Atelier Choux. Aside from being beautiful, their products are also functional; their bibs and blankets are absorbent and wash well.

Bouncers + Swings…

Everyone gave me different advice regarding this category. But most people told me not to buy any of these until I “know what she likes”. Although I’m not sure how a first-time mom is supposed to ascertain this other than… Trying out the products. So we now have two bouncers/swings and I’ve learned whether Georgina “likes” them or not really depends on her mood. Georgie likes a lot of entertainment and stimulation, so when she’s in a good mood she enjoys both of her bouncers and is content to be in them. But of course there are times when she’s fussy and will not tolerate just sitting somewhere. I see babies her age all the time on Instagram who are perfectly content to be swaddled and lay quietly but this just isn’t my baby! She’s a girl on the go. We have this bunny bouncer that lights up, vibrates, and plays nature and lullaby sounds; we keep it downstairs in the living room/kitchen area and I specifically use it to let her relax and kick her legs next to me while I have lunch or we have dinner together. Occasionally I can put her in this while I do a bit of blogging as well – it typically gets me about 15-30 minutes. We were also given the Mamaroo (we use it with the Newborn Insert) as a gift and I keep this upstairs in our bedroom/bathroom so that I can be doing laundry or taking a shower while G is rocked in the Mamaroo, looks at the mobile above her, and listens to the nature sounds it plays. It can get me 30-45 minutes to get things done. Georgie doesn’t take her naps in either of these – they are just for her to chill in so I can have some hands-free time. I know it doesn’t sound like much time, but when it means a daily shower or staying on top of laundry I promise you, you’ll be grateful! I’m happy with both of these and as Georgie gets a bit older I’ll be adding a bouncer table to the mix! I think you really just have to try a few products and find out what your baby likes. If they don’t like them, save them for another baby if you’re planning on having one.

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