Pleated Leather Midi Skirt

August 22, 2016

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Sunnies.  Blouse.  Skirt.  Similar Skirt.  Similar Handbag.  Stacked Rings.  Similar Shoes.

Miranda L. Sober Photography

And so it begins… Fall clothing is here on! My absolute favorite season for fashion has arrived. Cozy scarves and cognac-colored accessories and leather and warm sweaters and layers of tweed… You can’t beat fall style. I’m so ready to share some fall looks and inspiration with you!

You know I love classic looks like this… Bows and silk and leather skirts just send my vintage-loving heart aflutter. This is a great transitional outfit because the sleeveless blouse is light and airy, but the leather skirt gives the look a touch of warmth and richness. It’s really easy to layer up with jackets, scarves, tights, and boots.

I always receive lots of questions when I post photos of Chanel bags. The one I’m swinging around in these photos is the Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag in the Maxi size (13.4 inches wide). For comparison, you can see the slightly smaller (11 inches wide) Jumbo version in my post here. The Jumbo and Maxi sizes can be a bit difficult to find, as most people go for the Small and Medium sizes. I like the Small and Medium sizes for evening wear, but you can’t beat the practicality of the Jumbo and Maxi sizes for everyday use. The one I’m carrying is in the grainy or “caviar” leather which I prefer as it doesn’t get scratched or stained as easily as the lambskin, although the silky-soft lambskin is undoubtedly beautiful. I keep picturing a small lambskin flap bag in a cognac-tan color with gold hardware to carry in the evening. I’ve found lambskin Classic Flap bags in Medium with both silver and gold hardware.

I also wanted to mention (in case you noticed a particular sparkle missing) I left my wedding ring at home when my photographer and I met to shoot my latest looks. I lost two stones out of my wedding band and I was nervous to wear my rings as I was unsure if I had knocked the settings loose or something. A few of you saw my snaps and responded, telling me it has happened to you on occasion and I instantly felt better. You all are so sweet and I always appreciate your feedback and advice!

Happy Almost-Fall!

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