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January 15, 2017

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W by Worth Website.  W by Worth Instagram.

This week I was invited to visit Denver’s W by Worth showroom to shop their current Spring 2017 collection. The collection is available to view and try on by appointment only until January 25th. The W by Worth shopping process is a more personal, exclusive one and I’m going to walk you through it in this post.

Step One:  Set Up An Appointment

With W by Worth, you work with one specific stylist who gets to know you on a personal basis and brings together shopping and styling seamlessly. Leigh is your go-to W by Worth contact in the Denver area. There are lots of appointment options depending on your needs and time constraints, which is one of the many reasons to shop with Leigh. You can come in for an appointment and browse, Leigh can pull some accessories to match your favorite W by Worth pieces to style a seasonal wardrobe, and you can even ask Leigh to come to your home and do a complete closet edit to discover what items you need to add and what items you need to purge.

Leigh McMahon – W by Worth Stylist

Address:  90 Madison Street, Denver, CO 80206

Book Online:


Text or Call:  720-226-1505

I brought in my favorite bags and shoes I anticipate wearing this Spring so Leigh and I could style W by Worth looks around them. My seasonal bags? The Worth New York Maddie BagPrada Small Gardener’s Tote, Chloé Drew Bag, Louis Vuitton Noé BB, Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch, and my patent Chanel Travel Wallet. The shoes I brought in were my Stuart Weitzman Highlands, Stuart Weitzman Lowlands, and my Chanel slingbacks.

TIP:  This is a great way to style your closet seasonally to ensure you’re incorporating those favorite investment pieces into your looks.





Step Two:  Try On Your Styled Looks

It was nice to come out of the cold and step into a room full of fresh spring fabrics and light textures because it made me look forward to warmer temperatures and spring vacations. As we stocked my dressing room and I began to try everything on, Leigh told me about the various W by Worth fabrics and pieces I was choosing. I love the high-quality fabrics of W by Worth pieces (take a look at my ivory coat and skirt set and my silk blouse and pencil skirt from their brand) and Leigh told me their fabrics come from the same mills as some of my favorite high-end fashion designers. She pointed out finishing touches like tassel trim and lined jackets that make the pieces not only beautiful, but ones you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.

Some of my favorites? This chic white tweed jacket paired with the most versatile pocket tank. A vacation-ready look made up of a double-layer off-shoulder tee and beautifully textured full skirt. This pink jacket that made me feel as if I should be strolling the streets of Paris. And this incredibly flattering off-shoulder blouse would look great anytime, anywhere.

Leigh made me feel incredible while I was trying the items on and helped me choose the proper sizes. She told me they also work with a seamstress at their location to ensure that each piece will fit perfectly before I take it home.





Step Three:  Order Your Favorites

Once I had narrowed down my favorites (the most difficult part of this whole process because I want everything from their spring collection) Leigh and I sat down to discuss the color and fabric options of each piece and go over my complete spring order.

We said our goodbyes over champagne and sweets; I will come back to W by Worth when my clothing arrives in a couple of weeks and have the items altered by a seamstress so they fit perfectly. I can’t wait… Spring seems just around the corner.

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Striped Top with Tulle Sleeves

January 13, 2017

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Striped Top Tulle Sleeves






Hat.  Coat.  Sunnies.  Necklace.  Top.  Jeans.  Boots.

When I saw this top, I fell head over heels. The striped tee style reminded me of the chic girls I would always see in Paris. And the tulle sleeves just feel so feminine. Apparently I’m not the only one who adores it because the shirt is nearly sold out. So be quick if you’re looking to order one!

P.S. I’m wearing “Ruby Woo” lipstick and matching liner on my lips.

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Lilac and Sage

January 12, 2017

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Tassel Necklace.  Bar Necklace.  Faux Fur Coat.  Dress.  Bag.  Similar Shoes.

Blowout, Lashes, Nails c/o Glamour Bar Denver (Mention My Blog for $50 Off Lash Application)

Miranda L. Sober Photography

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Black Embellished Dress

January 10, 2017

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Little Black Free People Dress







Necklace.  Moonstone Ring.  Dress.  Lace Bralette.  Tights.  Boots.

Take 15% Off Faux Fur Wrap Using Code CASHMEREGYPSY Until 1.31

Blowout, Lashes, Tan, Nails c/o Glamour Bar Denver (Mention My Blog for $50 Off Lash Application)

Miranda L. Sober Photography

We took these photos at my house before Christmas. I love this dress because of the incredible details; the beaded neckline, the sheer back and tiny buttons, and the beautiful bell sleeves. I’m wearing it with a lace bralette that peeks through the sheer back. This is one of those versatile pieces I mentioned in my last style post that you can wear now with tights and boots (over-the-knee boots would look incredible too!) and later with bare legs and booties or strappy sandals. Take a look at the beautiful blush color it comes in as well.

Fit Details:  The description calls this dress a “mini dress” but I’m 5’7″ and I didn’t find it to be as short as my other “mini” dresses from this brand, in fact I wouldn’t call it a mini dress at all. As you can see in the photos, when I’m sitting down the dress comes to my knees. If you’re between sizes, you should go with the smaller size.

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New Year’s Resolutions

January 6, 2017

Categories: Lifestyle


Better Organization

I was reading an article about organization the other day and in it the author described the way that a living space becomes disorganized so perfectly. He said people are in a rush and instead of going through each piece of mail they just stack the pile on the kitchen counter. Then holiday decor gets placed downstairs, but not in the storage room tubs where it belongs. And before long, a lot of the house feels cluttered and the task of organizing it all seems overwhelming. This definitely happens to me; does this happen to any of you too? One of my goals in 2017 is to beat the “clutter cycle” and stay organized.

My organization goals don’t just correspond to home life; I’d like to be better organized when it comes to work as well. I’ve found that an old fashioned paper planner works best for me in terms of organization. Last year, my husband gifted me this leather one from Hermès and it’s worked perfectly to track my daily to do’s and appointments. I like planning out blog posts, photo shoots, and events on a big desk calendar like this one so I can see my month at a glance.

Home Decor Projects

If you’ve followed me for long, you know I have a love-hate relationship with home decor right now. We purchased a home to grow into right after we got engaged and we’ve been tackling one area at a time as our time and budget allows. One problem in particular has been my pickiness; it takes me ages to decide on something, and I frequently find that I don’t like the item when I see it in the space or in person if I ordered online. As you can imagine, this has created some significant delays. Take, for example, my closet. After waiting 6 months for backordered curtain hardware and 3 months for backordered curtains, I found that the curtains were 5 inches too short and the hardware didn’t look as nice as it did online. So it was back to the drawing board, and after another 3-month wait I finally have the new curtains and am waiting on the next set of backordered curtain hardware. Rinse and repeat.

My goal for 2017 is to finish decorating my closet space and to begin tackling my home office. I find that organizing both of these spaces contributes directly to the overall organization of our home since much of my work revolves around clothes, accessories, computer time, photography, and filing paperwork. I can’t wait to share each step of the decor process with you!


I made this custom iPad Mini case on – Take 20% off with code CASHMEREGYPSY20 (valid until 1-12-17)

Read More

I have a stack of unread books about two feet high next to my bed. I’m well aware that my nightly late-hour Instagram scroll is not beneficial to my already-sporadic sleep habits, so my plan is to transition to reading before bed. I know a lot of you are interested in books too… Would you be interested in seeing a blog post sharing my latest reads and book reviews? I’d love to share! And if you have any must-read titles for me to read, please share them down below in the comments.

Invest in Key Pieces

There’s nothing I love more than a nice shopping day with a friend or my mom; grabbing lunch together then chatting as we pick up a few things. As my tastes change and develop, I’ve found that investing in high quality pieces is more important to me. I really appreciate having a few luxe items I can mix and match with all my outfits.

My favorite 2016 investment pieces? The adorable Chloé bag J gave me last spring; it was my most-worn bag this year because the style looks amazing with literally any outfit and the pretty neutral color is so versatile. The sleek Prada tote I got last summer was also a favorite because I found it to be the perfect everyday bag; once again, the color seems to go with everything and its different pouches and compartments make it perfect for organization. Last but not least, I had been saving up for these Stuart Weitzman boots for months… When they finally went on sale this winter, I snapped them up. They are one of the only boots that fit my calves, the suede material is absolutely beautiful, and they are so sleek and flattering. The price point is so steep, I would just bookmark that page and keep checking to see if they go on sale again. But… If you’re feeling spendy, they are a boot I really think you’ll find yourself wearing again and again.


I made this custom iPhone case on – Take 20% off with code CASHMEREGYPSY20 (valid until 1-12-16)

Be Healthy

Because of what I do, I can be extra hard on myself and my body; it’s difficult to analyze photos all day, every day! Instead of a size or weight, my goal this year is to simply be healthy. To get up and get moving before or after I spend my day on the computer. To think about what I put into my body and nourish it with nutritious food and natural body products. It’s not about a number; it’s about feeling better and having more energy. My goal for 2017 is to get into an exercise routine and to use exercise as a stress release.

Skincare Routine

You know the situation; it’s late at night, you’re tired, and your skincare routine seems like the easiest thing to skip. Too many nights of this and my skin ends up extra dry and irritated. Along with nourishing my body, I plan to nourish my skin in 2017. I’ll be sure to share my skincare favorites with you as the seasons change and new products come out.


Say ‘No’ More Often

This one sounds odd, doesn’t it? But I find it to be one of the most important resolutions I have this year. You know when you’ve taken on extra work projects, one relative asks you to help them move, a friend asks you to travel across country for an event, you say yes to them all, and suddenly you are so overwhelmed your life feels like it’s in total chaos? I feel like we women are especially guilty of wanting to please everyone and do everything. Our American society has come to value being busy and living in chaos; in fact, we are expected to be connected and reachable at all times. I used to think if I got everything done perfectly I would be happy, but I wasn’t. Instead, I felt exhausted, stressed, and out of shape.

You know when I feel most fulfilled? When I’m taking a walk through the woods with my husband and our pups. When I take time to draw myself a hot bubble bath before bed. Or when I sit down and catch up with my mom on the phone. There will always be times I have to be busy and get things done, but this year I’m making a conscious effort not to make “crazy” or “chaos” my normal. I’ll have to say ‘no’ to things, but when I say ‘yes’ I’ll be doing them without resentment and with a clear head.

Grow, Develop, Improve

One of the best pieces of advice my father has given me is to “never stop learning”. I’m a naturally curious person and I always want to learn, improve, and better myself. This year, I’d like to learn more about business and photography. I’d like to pick back up on my French lessons. And I’d like to improve personally as a wife, daughter, and friend. I hope to stretch and challenge myself with regard to my content right here on And above all, at the end of 2017 I hope I can look back over the past year and feel proud of what I’ve accomplished.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2017?

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Windowpane Print Shirt Dress

January 5, 2017

Categories: Fashion

Plaid Shirt Dress 2017






Sunnies.  Necklace.  Ring.  Tights.  Similar Bag.  Similar Boots.

Faux Fur “Wolf” Neck Wrap – Use Code CASHMEREGYPSY for 15% off until 1-31

Similar Dresses:  Plaid – One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.  Camo Print.  Olive Green.

Blowout, Lashes, Nails c/o Glamour Bar Denver (Mention My Blog for $50 Off Lash Application)

Miranda L. Sober Photography

This time of year is tricky. It’s cold outside, but it just doesn’t seem quite as fun to get winter items as it did in September and October, am I right? In January and February I plan to feature items you can wear now and in the upcoming months as the temperature starts to climb.

One of my favorite pieces to buy now and wear later? One of these comfy shirt dresses. I’m particular to the plaid versions (OneTwoThreeFour, and Five) but I’ve also linked camo print and olive green options. These are so versatile. You can wear them with a fur scarf, tights, and boots like I’ve done in winter. Then as the weather starts to warm lose the scarf and tights, cuff up the sleeves, and wear it with wedges. It’s the ultimate all-season clothing piece you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over again.

What all-season pieces are you adding into your wardrobe this month? Are you over buying cold weather gear too? I feel I am, but I can’t resist the great winter sales going on.

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Leather-Trimmed Poncho

January 2, 2017

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Leather-Trim Wrap.  Similar Blouse.  Belt.  Leggings.  Similar Boots.  Similar Bag.

Blowout, Lashes, Tan, Nails c/o Glamour Bar Denver (Mention My Blog for $50 Off Lash Application)

Miranda L. Sober Photography

The holidays are officially over and I’ve felt a bit melancholy lately. I think it’s a mixture of cozy holidays and time with family being over for the time being… And a general reluctance to attack my email inbox and tend to my to-do list. But I’m looking forward to tackling new projects and new goals. And I’ve been working on plans for 2017 that have me all kinds of excited.

And while I’m running errands and getting caught up on tasks for the new year, I love wearing outfits that are comfortable, functional, and allow me to go from day to night seamlessly. If I were to suggest one versatile clothing piece to invest in, it would be a beautiful wrap like this one from St. John Knits. A wrap in a neutral tone can be worn loosely as an outer layer or secured with a belt to become part of the outfit. It will keep you warm without being overwhelming, allows for easy hands-free movement, and looks effortlessly chic. It can be paired with anything from a dressy silk blouse to a simple knit tee.

Wishing you a few more cozy days at home if you’re lucky enough to have them… And if not, we’ll get through these post-holiday blues together! Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

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New Year’s Eve

December 29, 2016

Categories: Fashion, Holiday

Navy Tulle Skirt











Earrings.  Bracelet.  Ring.  Bag.  Sweater.  Skirt.  Similar Booties.

Faux Fur Wrap – Get 15% Off Until 1.31 with Code CASHMEREGYPSY.

James L. Jones Photography

A fresh year. The chance to set new goals, begin again, and achieve new accomplishments. And that deserves a little celebration, don’t you think?!

This week I’m thinking about goals I’d like to set… I’ll be sharing them with you soon. Maybe we have some similar resolutions?!

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New Year’s Card

December 27, 2016

Categories: Fashion, Holiday







Similar Coats Here and Here.  Turtleneck.  Wrap Sweater.  Skirt.  Tights.  Similar Boots.

Blowout, Tan, Lashes, Nails c/o Glamour Bar Denver (Mention My Blog for $50 Off Lash Application)

Miranda L. Sober Photography

One of the things I look forward to most each holiday season since we’ve been engaged is sending out Christmas cards to our friends and family. I didn’t expect to be quite so busy this fall and winter, so our Christmas card photo session ended up getting delayed over and over again as new projects and deadlines came through. Finally, my husband and I were able to find a time that worked for us both and we took our photos in front of a beautiful Colorado backdrop lightly dusted with snow.

I looked online and saw I could get the Christmas cards rushed… (And then I would no doubt be rushing to stamp them all and send them out.) One of my goals this holiday season was to stop stressing and to consciously take time to enjoy the little things that make this time of year so special. Curling up with my husband and our pups by the fire. Watching cheery, slightly cheesy, Hallmark movies while I wrap gifts. Enjoying one too many chocolates. And spending time with friends over a hot cup of cocoa.

So I ordered New Year’s cards. Cards that would arrive after the New Year and wish our family and friends a beautiful, blessed 2017. Cards that wouldn’t get lost in the Christmas chaos and would perhaps even brighten someone’s day after the glow of Christmas ends and the dreary January weather sets in. New Year’s cards were what we needed, what I needed, this year… So that’s what I did.

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Christmas Eve

December 24, 2016

Categories: Fashion, Holiday










Diamond Necklace.  Diamond Bracelet.  Sparkly Earrings.  Sparkly Necklace.  Long-Sleeve Tee.  Pajama Pants.  Slippers.

Blowout, Lashes, Tan, Nails c/o Glamour Bar Denver (Mention My Blog for $50 Off Lash Application)

Miranda L. Sober Photography

It’s Christmas Eve and time to be cozy. But just because you’re cozy, you don’t have to give up your sparkle. I paired these super-soft swan print pajama pants with some seriously glam Kendra Scott jewelry.

I was so impressed with their fine jewelry collection. The beautiful pavé pieces are so well-made and incredibly sparkly; they’re the perfect jewelry to layer and mix with your current favorites. My favorite pieces in the collection are the necklace and bracelet in yellow gold. For a statement NYE look, I would layer the necklace with this multi-strand necklace with lots of light-catching crystals and add the chandelier earrings to match.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you. As a thank you, I am hosting a Chloé card case giveaway right here. I draw the winner on Christmas Day and I can’t wait to see who gets to start 2017 with a brand new blush pink card case. I wish every entry could win; I would love to gift you all with something wonderful to thank you for all your love and support this year. But for now, I get to send one lucky person a little Chloé and it makes me so happy. Good luck!

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