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Sundress in Central Park

May 25, 2016

Categories: Fashion, Travel

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Boater Hat and Prada Tote

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Striped Sundress in Central Park

Hat.  Sunnies.  Watch.  Jacket.  Dress: Here and Here.  Bag.  Flats.

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This past weekend we headed to New York for our friends’ engagement party, wedding dress shopping, and a little relaxation. John and I realized we hadn’t taken more than two days away from our computers in almost two months. We needed to relax and recharge our batteries for a little weekend getaway.

We didn’t make a lot of plans this visit, but focused on making the most of the little moments. Breakfast in bed, window shopping and holding hands down 5th Avenue, rowing boats in Central Park. It really is so important to set aside time to connect… Even if you feel too busy, even if you feel as if you’re already behind on your to-do’s. I get it. We often feel the same. But slowing down is so important for health and well-being.

We really enjoyed exploring Central Park a little more this trip as it is perfect in the springtime. The tourists aren’t out in full force, and warm, humid weather hasn’t brought out what J and I like to call the Smells of New York. Trees are blossoming, the air is still crisp in the mornings, and flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s the perfect location for photos and picnic lunches. And most people don’t realize there are so many activities like biking, remote-controlled boats, visiting the zoo, climbing rocks, riding the carousel, and rowing boats around the pond.

This striped sundress (available here and here) was the perfect layering piece for our trip. When it began to rain, I threw on this faux leather jacket. And when the sun came out, I added this boater hat for a little shade. My favorite flats added a pop of color and allowed me to walk all over the city without being in pain. A little note: the flats I linked are available in neutral and black, a bright pink, and a blue called “Azure”. The flats I’m wearing are a bit darker marine blue called “Capri” that is now sold out. But I highly recommend the Azure color because it will mix with neutrals and look fresh with white just like my blue flats.

On the flight home from New York, I noticed that my throat was a little sore and I assumed I caught a cold. I was working on my to-do list on the plane and planning out my week. Remember what I said about slowing down? I ended up spending the next three days in bed with the flu and Lola and Scarlett by my side. Am I the only one that misses their mom making them hot tea and toast on sick days?? I tell my mom all the time I wish she lived closer… Moms are the best at making people feel better.

I apologize for being absent the past few days. You know I’m feeling rough when I’m not blogging and couldn’t even make it downstairs to watch The Bachelorette! I’m so happy to be back and feeling more like normal!

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Graduation Gift Ideas

May 19, 2016

Categories: Lifestyle

Graduation Gift Ideas

HERS:  Earrings.  Watch.  Bag.  Towels.

HIS:  Sunglasses.  Watch.  Bag.  Towels.

Graduation Outfit Idea

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Bright Dress and Soft Grey Accessories

May 18, 2016

Categories: Fashion

Coral Shirt Dress Cupcakes and Cashmere

How to Wear Bright Colors in a City

Grey Faux Leather Jacket and Coral Dress

Gray Jacket Grey Chloe Drew Bag

Bright Coral Dress Light Grey Moto Jacket

Gray Moto Jacket Off the Shoulder

Gray Perforated Block Heels

Dress.  Jacket.  Shoes.  Earrings.  Bag.

Similar Sunglasses:  Here, Here, and Here

Similar Coral Dresses:  Here, Here, and Here

Miranda L. Sober Photography

I’m naturally drawn to bright colors… I just love wearing them because they make me feel happy and cheerful. When I’m in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas… Those colors seem to fit right in. There are so many bright colors in the lush greenery and overflowing blooms everywhere that I would actually feel odd if I were all in black or neutrals.

But back in Colorado plants are just lucky to survive the altitude and dry air, so the colors are more muted. When I wear bright colors I often feel like I’m dressing for vacation or something, set amongst the grey cityscape and dull colors of the plants and flowers here. Take a look at the background of these photos… Bricks and pine trees, people. There’s just not a lot of room to play with color so I’ve developed some tricks to get around this issue and I’m going to share them with you so you can wear your bright dresses no matter where you are.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in fashion rules. I think if you want to wear something and you feel great in it, you should wear it proudly. But if you’re a neutrals girl and you want to try adding a bit of color to your closet or if you live in a city and need to “tone down” your brights a bit, this post is for you.

Tips to Tone Down Brights: 

  1. Pick One Bright Item. When I styled this look, I chose my dress as my one bright item. I love this dress… It’s flattering and easy to throw on and wear just about anywhere. There’s only one size left, so I searched and found similar ones here, here, and here. Focusing on only one bright item keeps the look from being too “tropical” or beachy.
  2. Add in Neutrals. Once I have my bright item, I begin to add in neutral accessories. White and black are great for a high-contrast night look, but for daytime I prefer sticking to softer neutrals like grey, beige, and taupe. I absolutely love my soft grey faux leather jacket and have been wearing it with everything lately. It pairs nicely with my grey cross-body bag and the most comfortable grey block heels. I recently got a grey bandana like this one that would also be great with this outfit.
  3. Keep Jewelry Neutral. Jewelry can add so much color to a look. Since I was accessorizing with grey tones, I stuck to silver jewelry with no bright colors. These earrings are very similar to the ones I’m wearing in the photos above… Just a hint of howlite stone looks so beautiful with grey clothing and accessories.
  4. Layer Up. If you’ve kept your jewelry simple, added neutrals, and still feel you’re item feels too bright for wherever you are, add a layer that covers part of the bright color. Adding the grey jacket helped to break up this bright dress… A neutral slouchy off-shoulder sweater would have a similar effect.

Let me know if you try this trick and how it works for you!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

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Graduation Outfit

May 17, 2016

Categories: Fashion

Graduation Outfit Idea

Dress.  Clutch.  Shoes.  Earrings.  Link Bracelet.  Watch.  Lipstick.  Perfume.

Tips for Graduation Outfits:

  • Stick to classic pieces. You’ll be taking photos with your family and friends that you’ll have forever; classic styles and colors are timeless and will still look beautiful framed on your shelf for years to come. The dress I styled above plays with a little color and fun straps, but maintains a classic shape and style overall.
  • Dress more conservatively than usual. Not only will your relatives be present, but you’ll be interacting with many teachers, professors, and staff from your school. Now is not the time to see how far you can push the envelope! Plus, walking up on stage can provide unflattering photo angles if you’re not careful. The dress I styled comes below the knee and is more fitted, so it won’t catch the wind if your graduation is outside.
  • Wear straight silhouettes. Graduation robes aren’t the most flattering piece of attire you’ll wear in your lifetime. If you’re concerned about looking shapeless in photos, be sure to wear a straight silhouette to add as little volume as possible. Remember it shouldn’t be skin-tight, it just shouldn’t have a full skirt.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Take this one with a grain of salt… You know I love my heels, so I don’t mean to walk the stage in your Birkenstocks but you need to wear something a little stable and secure. Graduation days often come with a lot of walking… Large auditoriums, outdoor venues, and tricky stairs/stages to receive your diploma. I feel most comfortable in wedges or block heels like the ones I’ve styled with this outfit. I also made sure the shoes have straps across the front to make you feel a bit more secure when walking up stairs.
  • Accessorize with simple jewelry. You don’t want hefty statement jewelry to detract from your face in graduation day photos. You are the star of the day, so be sure you shine! I kept this look simple with classic studs. These are cubic zirconia and great quality… I wore them for years before J gave me diamond earrings as a wedding gift. I also added two items I think would make beautiful graduation gifts or investment pieces. The watch is such a classic piece with versatile two-toned metals, and I just love the Art Deco details on it. The bracelet is a perfect layering piece but makes a statement on its own; and its two-toned design ensures that it can be worn with everything.

Above all, if you’re a graduate, congratulations… You’ve worked hard and accomplished something great. You should feel proud and honored, and know that I’m cheering you on! Take in each and every moment of your graduation day; my graduation days are some of my best memories. Shine bright, babes! I bet they can see your happiness coming a mile away.

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Olive Green Dress + Blush Trench Coat

May 16, 2016

Categories: Fashion

Olive Green Body Con Dress Blush Pink Trench Coat

Blush Pink Trench Coat Spring Summer 2016 Style

Blush Pink Trench Coat Fashion Blogger Style

Spring Summer 2016 Trends Fashion Blogger

Pink Trench Coat Feminine Fashion Blogger Style

Blush Pink Trench Coat Denver Fashion Blogger

Pink Trench Coat Louis Vuitton Bag Fashion Blogger

Earrings.  Trench.  Dress.  Shoes.  Bag.

Similar Sunnies HereHere, Here, and Here.

Miranda L. Sober Photography

When the closet builder suggested I just switch out my clothes from fall/winter to spring/summer I laughed and asked him if he lived in the same city as me. Being from the Midwest, I’m used to strange weather but Denver weather is a whole different animal. I can be in a strappy maxi dress and sandals one day, and freezing in a jacket, sweater, and jeans the next. I need all my options ready during weather like this, and I’ve found that layering is key to dressing for these huge temperature swings.

I am obsessed with this beautiful blush pink trench coat and have been layering it over everything from sweaters to lightweight dresses like this one. It seems to go with everything and has become one of my favorite purchases of the spring season.

I paired this outfit with these nude lace-up shoes I got for our honeymoon and they’re back in stock here!! These are such a great shoe to invest in because they wear well, the nude color is so versatile, and each time I wear them I get complimented on them… They’re definitely a statement shoe. My bag is several years old, but I was able to find both the smaller PM version and the GM version I’m carrying.  It really is such a classic bag and I’ve found it never really goes out of style because there’s never been a point when I wasn’t able to carry it and in my opinion, if you’re investing in a handbag that’s exactly how it should be.

Speaking of weather, I was kind of excited about the cloudy weather and rain this weekend because I was looking forward to being cozy and listening to the rain as I fell asleep each night. (Do any of you love that feeling too?!)  But… J decided it was time for us to tackle the landscaping. And I was along for the landscaping ride with a fierce migraine, thanks to the rainy weather. Not quite the rainy weekend I pictured, but I’m so thankful we got everything done and now have flowers in our yard. I am a flower addict and I always pick up a bouquet when I’m out and about. I can’t resist filling the house with them because I just feel so happy when I see vases of fresh blooms around.

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Instagram Roundup

May 14, 2016

Categories: Fashion

Blush Pink Roses Gigi New York Clutch

Continue Reading

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Chrysmela Earring Backs

May 12, 2016

Categories: Fashion

Chrysmela Catch Earring Backs Review

Chrysmela Catch Pearl Earring Backs

Pearl and Diamond Earrings Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger Custom Closet Getting Ready

Fashion Blogger Custom Closet Getting Ready

Earring Backs.  Dress.  Handbag in Similar Color.  Heels.

Miranda L. Sober Photography

How many times have you been out and lost an earring because the back fell off? If you’re like me, it’s happened countless times. I always keep the orphaned earring in my jewelry drawer, hoping its mate will show up eventually but it never does. I have a little cardboard box of earring orphans for proof.

So when I heard about Chrysmela earring backs, I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to share them with you because I knew they would solve the orphan earring issue and you would love them just as much as I do!

You simply slip any earring post into the Chrysmela back and it locks the earring into place, safe and secure to wear throughout the day or night. When you’re ready to take your earrings out, you just pull the edge of the earring back out and it releases your earring.

Besides being practical and saving your earrings, I really like the Chrysmela earring backs for switching up the look of all my earrings. In the photo, I added the Infinity Champagne Pearl Jackets to my classic diamond studs for a date night. It’s like I’ve added two style options to all my favorite earrings!

They also have these dangling Long Champagne Pearl Jackets for a dramatic evening look. Be sure to check out Chrysmela’s classic earring backs to replace your regular earring backs without changing the look of your earrings. All their products are made with 24K gold or platinum, so you don’t have to worry about the earring backs irritating your ears.

Best of all, Chrysmela is offering two of my readers the chance to win a pair of their Pearl Earring Jackets just like mine! Be sure to check in with my Instagram around noon today! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram @brittanypillard, follow Chrysmela on Instagram @chrysmela, like the photo I post putting in my Chrysmela earring backs and tag a friend in the comments on that photo. If you win, you and the friend you tagged both get these beautiful locking earring backs to wear!

This date night dress is under $20. Seriously. I absolutely love the lace… It’s so delicate and pretty. It would be gorgeous with a crystal belt tied around the waist for a really glam look. I’ll have a full blog post featuring this outfit look coming soon, but I wanted to give you a peek since I know so many of you are looking for graduation dresses and wedding guest dresses! This would be perfect. And these coral-pink heels are the best because they provide a pop of color while still being super comfortable and wearable at 3.5 inches.

These photos were taken in my new closet… Did you catch the sneak peek post yesterday?

I can’t wait to see who wins the pearl earring backs! If you win, I want to see a photo of the way you styled the earring backs or what earrings you paired them with! And… Do any of you have any stories about losing earrings that still make you cringe?

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Closet Preview

May 11, 2016

Categories: Home, Lifestyle

Custom Closet The Cashmere Gypsy

Custom Closet Blogger

Pink Tufted Chair Custom Closet

Blogger Custom Closet Home Depot

Blogger Custom Closet

Blogger Custom Closet Review

Custom Closet Organization Lifestyle Blogger

Lifestyle Blogger Custom Closet Organization

Pink Chanel Bag Blogger Custom Closet

Pink Chanel Bag Fashion Blogger Custom Closet

Custom Closet Rebecca Taylor Yellow Dress

Custom Closet Sneak Peek Fashion Blogger Closet

Malti Poo Dogs Fashion Blogger

Everyone has their thing they love to collect or splurge on when they can. I think my husband J would fill a 16-car garage if he could. Some people collect books (I’m bad about this one too) or vintage treasures or home decor. It’s no surprise that my “collection” involves my closet! I love clothes and accessories. They don’t have to be expensive and I don’t even mind if I don’t wear them all the time… I just really love looking at beautiful clothes, handbags, and shoes.

The problem, as with any collection, is space. Luckily, we had an empty small bedroom and closet available. When we moved into our house, we placed some white bookshelves from Target around the bedroom and I used the attached closet for clothes. The space wasn’t maximized in either the bedroom or the closet and I ended up using other closets upstairs for my things. I’ve realized how important one central location is for getting ready in the morning… The time it takes to hunt through various stashes really adds up. So this original closet plan was not ideal.

One day, my friend was over and we heard a giant crackkkk sound upstairs. We went to look and sure enough, both clothing rods in my closet had broken and all my clothes and hangers were on the floor. If nothing else did, this made it perfectly clear the closet situation wasn’t working! But since we just had a wedding, traveled so much travel the year after our marriage, and had lots of weddings to attend, the closet project was postponed and J brought in two large metal commercial racks for my clothes in the meantime.

I used the six months of digging for clothes in the packed clothing racks to go through my collection and majorly rid out, which if you’ve ever done it, feels incredibly satisfying. So many of you have asked what I do with my clothes and accessories when I’m done with them. Being a blogger, you can imagine that I accumulate clothes quickly and as much as I love them, I can’t keep everything. Once a month, I take a box of our household items and older clothing to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. I also ship boxes of items to my friend in Iowa who owns Nu2U consignment boutique. I do occasionally sell my items on my closet sale Instagram account or eBay and the proceeds go to the little girl we sponsor in El Salvador.

I reached out to get bids from various custom closet contractors in the area. In my Omaha townhouse, I used California Closets to do a custom closet and was happy with the results. But I wanted to try something different. I went to an initial consultation at our local Home Depot, then all meetings were done with their custom closet company. I debated between doing my home office and my closet and ultimately decided on doing my closet first. I explained to the custom closet rep that maximizing space was a priority and I didn’t want the room to be overwhelmed by the closet sections.

Over a couple in-person meetings and several emails, we finalized the plan that would fit my space and budget best. The pieces were ordered and arrived in 6-8 weeks. A builder came to tear out the existing closet and install the pieces, which took 2 full days. As you can see, not all of the pieces were in and he had to come back again for a final visit.

As of right now, I am currently waiting on crystal chandeliers and blush velvet curtains that are backordered. I have some vintage fashion sketches I’m having framed. And… I would love your help on where to find any of the following! I’m currently browsing fabric bins for the shelves and decorative knobs to put on the wall and hang my long necklaces from. I’m also planning on getting the pink chair reupholstered while I wait for the backordered items… Any suggestions on a fabric color? I was thinking a soft dove gray or maybe a blush pink?

I chose the steel grey with chrome Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers (check out the selection here) because they maximize space and they don’t let silky tops or camisoles slip off. The set of hangers I purchased came with lots of extras like garment bags, hanger dust covers, and over-the-door hangers. I like how uniform the hangers look and I also like that about the garment bags… Before I had a mix-match of hangers and garment bags from various places. But I’m not sure what I would use the dust covers for and I don’t know if I like the over-the-door hangers on the closet door so you might not see those in the final closet reveal.

Okay… Back to sorting clothes and organizing my new space!! Can’t wait to show you the final result!!

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Denim Lace-Up Top

Categories: Fashion

Never A Wallflower Denim Lace Up Shirt

Denver Blogger rewardStyle Conference

Denver Fashion Blog Spring Trends

Best Fashion Bloggers Denver Colorado

Denver Fashion Blogger The Cashmere Gypsy

Chambray Shirt Distressed White Denim

Earrings.  Top.  Jeans.  Bag.  Heels.  Bracelet 1.  Bracelet 2.  Bracelet 3.

Miranda L. Sober Photography

Chambray and lace-up tops are two of my favorite spring/summer trends this year. When I was invited to local Denver designer Never A Wallflower‘s trunk show and I saw this design, I knew I had to have one. The style is perfectly casual and relaxed and will fit in with the lazy summer days and outdoor events to come. This top is so effortless and comfortable. I paired it with my favorite distressed white ankle jeans and a neutral block heel. (Here’s another favorite lace-up block heel style I’ve had my eye on lately.)

After helping at my family’s ranch this past weekend I’m living for casual, easy looks like this to run errands, catch up on my to-do list, and go to quick meetings around town. It’s funny because nothing feels so refreshing and relaxing than to escape emails and the monotony of the day-to-day, yet nothing stresses me out quite so much as returning to an overflowing inbox, laundry piles, and a million to-dos. It’s almost like I need a few days to rest and catch up. You know the saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation!”

Do you have an outfit that’s easy to throw on and looks pulled together? What’s your go-to casual look? Any trends you’ve been loving lately? Also… I’d love to hear about any other Denver designers or your favorite local designer in your area.

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Mirrored Sunnies

May 9, 2016

Categories: Fashion

Mirrored Sunglasses Summer 2016

Pink Aviators.  Yellow Sunnies.  Rose Gold Aviators.  Marble Cat Eye.  Pink Cat Eye.  Green Aviators.

Ever since I got my first pair of mirrored aviators, I’ve been wearing them with so many outfits. Mirrored lenses give a hint of edge and coolness to any outfit… Even just a simple tee and jeans. And it’s fun to bring a little color into your looks with some of the bright, colorful mirrored lenses.

Perfect Pairings:

  • leather jacket worn off the shoulders with a white tee tucked into distressed denim
  • solid color bikini with a colorful, printed pareo and beach espadrille sandals
  • off-the-shoulder top worn with white denim and heels (example here)

I wanted to give you a selection of affordable sunglasses to choose from, since this is a bit of a trend and you guys know I only splurge on classic pieces that will stand the test of time. I absolutely love this trend, but if I’m done wearing my mirrored sunnies next summer, I’ll feel much better about it if they’re under $50. Plus, if you’re like me, summer can be a bit dangerous on sunnies… Boating, traveling, picnics in the park… I’ve lost so many sunglasses that way!

I apologize for being a bit MIA on social media lately. This weekend I had the second part of my closet install, got caught in a wild Wyoming hail storm, and came to my parents’ ranch to work cattle and chat with visiting friends and family for Mother’s Day. We really love the peace and quiet the ranch provides and working with animals is a huge plus too! But I do miss when I can’t chat and share with you guys as easily as I normally do. I’ll be back to a normal schedule (and normal cell reception!) this week.

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