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Playroom Garden Mural

November 13, 2022

Categories: Home

Photography by Susie Brenner

When we bought our home nearly two years ago, one of my favorite rooms in the house was a sun-drenched space overlooking the garden and accented with a cozy fireplace at one end; I immediately imagined our little family spending afternoons there. Its location in the house makes it perfect for the children’s playroom… And someday, when they no longer need to play within eyesight of Mommy, it will become my home office and sitting room.

One day when I was walking through the house, imagining the little changes and decor we might do in each room, it came to me… I wanted the children to be surrounded by a beautiful mural with special details of our life. But I didn’t know where to start. And I was uncertain about how to incorporate the unique vaulted ceiling, which was full of complicated angles.

So I reached out to local designer Jess Knauf Design, who has also become a dear friend, for suggestions on how best to create this space and what to do about the tricky ceiling. Jess put me in touch with local mural artist Wall Creations by Mimi and we all met to brainstorm ideas. I instantly clicked with Mimi; we are both dreamy, creative, whimsical people with Iowa backgrounds. And when I looked at her incredible project portfolio, I knew I had to work with her. Mimi has no formal art training, yet can paint scenes ranging from ancient Italian frescoes to whimsical English fairytales. She creates sunsets and pink-tinged clouds that make you actually feel the warmth on your skin while you stand there, admiring them. She is truly one of the most talented people I have ever met in my life.

I knew I wanted my children to feel as if they were playing in a serene English garden, but with someone creating this space just for us I could be creative and dream up every element painted on the walls around us; it could become the story of our lives. That is why I chose to do a mural over wallpaper… And why this room is so special to me. I was able to include trees from the places we grew up, bees for my mother, a Tiger swallowtail butterfly for my father, a flower from my bridal bouquet, a rose arch for my grandmother, the Victorian conservatory where my baby shower was held, a bunny for Georgina and a horse for Conrad, and flowers representing the birth months of nearly everyone in our family. Our dogs are documented on the walls. Mimi even shaped plaster by hand to create two special birds with two eggs in their nest to signify our little family. And she surprised me by painting in our sweet children having a tea party. Everywhere I look, there’s a special, heartfelt detail… And that’s why I love this space so much.

Jess came up with the concept of a tented ceiling in a soft French blue with the loveliest stripes and tassels to accent the vaulted, angled ceiling…
On a warm summer day it truly feels like I am sitting under a beautiful tent in the English countryside. And when its cold outside, I can escape to my English garden and dream of sunny days.

We are going to repurpose Georgina’s ivory iron crib with the canopy into a reading bench at the far end of the room, which will give the space some height and extra seating. And when the children get a bit older, I’d love to have a painting of them done (coming for you, Shari Ford!) and hung over the fireplace.

Ahh – the fireplace! We redid this fireplace surround with the most charming antique Delft animals sourced by Sarah DeWitt of DeWitt Designs; it is the perfect tile for this space and adds a whimsical touch.

Mimi came into our home and worked on this mural for an entire month. She witnessed Georgie tantrums and me in my bathrobe and became like family to us. But even at the end I wasn’t ready for her to go… And now, I miss her whistling and music. She has given us one of the most beautiful gifts we’ll ever have; the story of our little family surrounding us as we work, play, and live in our beloved home.

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Fairytale Double Birthday Party

September 18, 2022

Categories: Events, Lifestyle

All Images By Lindsay B. Photography.

Instagram Reel Here.

Vendors: Newberry Brothers Floral & Decor. Butler Rents Tables, Chairs, Archways. Fun Balloons Balloon Garland. Sparkles Bakery Cake and Cookies. Kodiak Ranch/Blue Moon Carriage Rides. Wishing Star Farm Unicorns. Teddy Bear Mobile Stuffy Station. Princess Ever After Cinderella (Performer Payton).

Outfits: Gigi’s Dress by Fleurisse (Call For Inventory). Gigi’s Pearl Hair Barrette. Gigi’s Fluffy Socks. Gigi’s Gold Sparkly Shoes. Conrad’s Birthday Outfit. Conrad’s Blue Knee Socks. Conrad’s T-Strap Shoes. First Birthday Crown. Striped Velvet-Trimmed Bloomers.

Paper Goods/Decor: Single Birthday Invitation. Double Birthday Invitation. Castle Return Address Stickers. Enchanted Castle Party Signs. Welcome Sign Easel. Gold Sign Frames. Castle Hand Sanitizer Labels. White Metal Tub for Water Bottles. First Birthday High Chair Banner. Thank You Tags. Knights and Dragons Wrapping Paper. Princesses and Unicorns Wrapping Paper.

Tablescape: Gold-Trimmed Plastic Cups, Gold-Trimmed Plastic Plates, Rolled Flatware. Plastic Champagne Flutes. Plastic Castle Cups. Pastel Striped Snack Cups. Castle Napkins.

Party Favors: Princess Favor Boxes. Knight Favor Boxes. Knight Hats. Foam Knight Swords. Princess Hats (my mom added tulle and trim). Princess Wands. My mom and Georgina chose the goodies from Razzle Toys in Greenwood Village.

I’ve looked forward to planning Georgie’s birthdays for three years now… And this year was even more special because with little brother Conrad’s first birthday just a week later I knew I wanted to host a double birthday for the two of them! Seeing these little ones and their friends get so excited and enjoy each magical surprise brings me indescribable joy. I know someday they’ll prefer to go on a vacation or will be away, celebrating with their friends. So I’m making the most of these special, themed birthdays at home and soaking in each squeal as they see their cake for the first time, their eyes wide as they watch Cinderella walk in to their party.

Georgina loves princesses and unicorns, so the fairytale theme came to us quite naturally. And with the addition of knights with dragons to slay, it could be appropriate and enjoyable for both genders. My mom is the ultimate party planner, so after deciding on a theme (we’ve already come up with next year’s theme too!) the two of us got to work planning out each magical detail for our little princess and knight in shining armor.

Guests began the party with carriage rides around the neighborhood… And unicorns decked out with flowers and glitter to brush and ride around the front yard. There was even a “stuffy shop” (owned by a former teacher) where little ones could make their own magical unicorn, pastel kitty, or fearsome dinosaurs and dragons and take them home in a castle box. At our dress-up station, knights could don a helmet and brandish a foam sword and princesses could choose a shimmering hat and wand.

With so many little ones running around, I highly suggest having a little “essentials area” near the entrance of your party… I kept a white metal tub stocked with small water bottles, plus sunscreen and hand sanitizer – custom labels here. A pack (or individual packs) of wipes might come in handy as well.

Fun Balloons created a whimsical pastel balloon garland, flanked by knights in shining armor from Newberry Brothers to welcome guests to the backyard where the rest of the party was taking place. Newberry Brothers also created a stunning floral arch for Cinderella’s appearance, which doubled as a photo opportunity for families. (I loved it so much, I asked them to leave it up for a few extra days!) Cinderella arrived after lunch, singing to our littlest guests, painting their faces, and making magical glittery wishes over each child. I can’t recommend her enough… She was so magical, all the mamas were tearing up as she sang “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”.

The children’s tables (ask for mini white chivari chairs to get this look) were set up in front of a cardboard castle large enough to play in with boxwood panels and the children’s initials in flowers on either side. My mom placed castle-shaped party favor boxes at each child’s place… Pink princess castles for the girls and medieval gray castles for the boys. She and Georgina went to Razzle Toys in Greenwood Village to choose the party favors inside. For ease, this year I ordered a set of cups + plates + rolled flatware and I was really happy with it… I hate the idea of disposable tableware, but with little ones running around it seems to be the safest and best option for cleanup. I loved these little pastel paper snack cups we set at each spot, filled with goldfish crackers… We have been using them for easy snack holders here at home as well.

Newberry Brothers came up with the idea of placing magical fairytale creatures up in the trees above the children’s table. There was even a dragon swooping down from the trees! It was fun for the little ones to spot them. They also set up a little fairy tent for our smallest guests to play with a little extra sun protection, which was a popular place! I’ve never seen that at another party before and I thought it was a great idea.

I’m afraid I cannot recommend or share our caterer for the party. The servers were fantastic and kept both the goldfish crackers and rosé flowing, but we did not have enough food. That has never happened to me at a party… As you can probably tell, I’m a girl that appreciates food and bev! I would much rather have extra so guests hanging out after the party have a little something to munch on. It was an embarrassing incident and we ended up needing to quickly order pizzas for everyone. In the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal but it definitely made me reconsider using this particular caterer again.

On the bright side, our cake and decorated sugar cookies were delicious! I usually go through Suga Me Sweet, but she was out on vacation and recommended Sparkles Bakery, who designed Georgie and Conrad’s adorable castle cake complete with a beautiful princess, unicorn, knight in shining armor, and a fearsome dragon. She also made Conrad’s smash cake and created fairytale-themed sugar cookies for guests to take home.

I made a Reel for Georgina and Conrad’s fairytale double birthday party – you can watch it here! What a magical day. I have looked at these photos over and over, reliving it! Someday when our children have grown and moved away, I’ll think back on these memories and cherish the days when Georgie was a beautiful princess, riding a glittery unicorn and twirling around her birthday party in sparkly gold shoes… And Conrad was a fearsome knight on a magical carriage ride around our neighborhood, brandishing his foam sword but covered in blue frosting. May God bless these babies with long, happy lives.

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Back To School Lunchbox and Supplies

August 22, 2022

Categories: Lifestyle

Ice Packs. Silicone Water Bottle Labels. Water Bottle. Sandwich + Fruit Cutters. Lunchbox Notes. Heart Lunchbox Notes. “From the Mom of” Stationery. Microwaveable Bento Boxes. Princess Lunchbox. Jo & Co. Embroidery Lunchbox + Backpack. Wicker Table and Chairs.

It’s officially back-to-school time and my mama heartstrings are tugged extra tight this year as my oldest will be heading off to a preschool program a few half-days a week. It’s not much time at all and I’m sure I’ll feel as if I’m spending it all in the car going to drop her off and pick her up, but I truly love having my little ones at home with me so I know the first few days will be a struggle for me. I know the socialization and extra learning will be so great for her… And the extra one-on-one time at will be wonderful for her little brother at home.

She will have lunch at school each day before she comes home. To make her first day a little sweeter for both of us, I found some school supplies to make her lunches extra special. Keep in mind almost every item has a “boy” version as well, I just put the ones we have in the collage so the images would match the photos.

Georgie loves drinking from these princess water bottles (her brother has the Winnie the Pooh version) and I even found silicone name labels to go around them (doing whatever I can to combat those shared germs). I added in unicorn ice packs, lunchbox notes in gingham and heart designs, and sandwich and fruit cutters to make her lunch extra cute! I also ordered this darling “From the Mom of…” stationery in case I need to send a note for the teacher. The microwaveable bento boxes and princess lunchbox fit into this cute monogrammed lunchbox and backpack from Jo and Co. Embroidery, who just opened their site up for our back-to-school orders!

Happy Shopping and Happy Back To School season!

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Conrad’s Nursery

July 10, 2022

Categories: Home

Designer: DeWitt Designs. Photographer: Susie Brenner.

Walls and Ceiling: Scalamandre Raphael in Light Blue, Schumacher Linen Stripe in Sky, Benjamin Moore “Cloudy Sky” on Ceiling, Sherwin Williams “Ivory Lace” on Trims.

Bookcase: Leather Books from Barnes & Noble, Hermès Wooden Horse Pull Toy, Herend Rocking Horse, The Little Prince Book, Polka Dot Club Mohair Bear, Hermès Baby Booties, Hermès Stuffed Horses, Leather Frames from The Breakers News & Gourmet.

Items: Ralph Lauren Broomfield Pendant in Brass, Monogrammed Towels, Rocking Horse Toile Sheets, Hermès Rocking Horse, Print Above Crib, Small Fox Print, Horse Print Above Baskets, Stacking Baskets, Wooden Blocks Train.

Lush English landscapes, oak trees, fox hunts, horses and dogs, classic stripes softened with gingham and touches of leather and suede. A little boy’s nursery to grow older with him.

Conrad was a beautiful surprise we discovered about three days after closing on our dream home. My pregnancy took place during a stressful and chaotic time; we were hurrying through some renovations at the new house, moving in, and putting our old house on the market. I was sure Conrad would end up with an awful personality due to all the stress he experienced along the way, but he is just the sweetest, calmest, happiest baby boy. He smiles constantly and only wants his mama, food, and regular naps. I love being a boy mama.

My mother and I designed this nursery with DeWitt Designs, who also helped us design Georgina’s nursery. (Georgie’s nursery was installed at our previous home, but we recreated it in the new house with the same wallpaper, same draperies at her bedroom window, and we reworked the balloon shades to fit in her new bathroom window.) Sarah brought a huge suitcase of fabric samples to our new house and I was particularly drawn to one with an English fox hunt scene. My ancestors emigrated from England and my immediate family lived back and forth for much of my childhood, so it’s a place that will always be special to me. I fell in love with creating a masculine English room my son could grow into as the years go on. The soft blues, creams, and browns in his nursery all flowed from this initial fabric.

Oak trees are featured as symbolism in Conrad’s nursery and in our new home in general. You can see oak trees in the Scalamandre wallpaper above the chair rail and oak branches and acorns carved into his furniture. Oak trees symbolize family and strength and they make think of the giant oak trees on our farm in Iowa where I grew up. They’re also the state tree of both Iowa and Illinois where my husband and I were born.

I have to say, putting this nursery together in post-pandemic days was a challenge with constant delays and incorrect measurements and supply chain and shipping issues. I wished it could have been finished soon after Conrad was born, but the truth is we are still waiting on a mirror and the window seat. But it’s very close and I couldn’t wait to get it photographed. The wait was worth it, but if you are in the midst of renovation or redecoration, my thoughts are with you!

Note: We raised the crib mattress so the dust ruffle would be the proper length for these photos, then lowered it again. Conrad’s crib has a toddler panel we can add later on, and his carved headboard will eventually become the headboard of his grown up full bed.

Some of my favorite things in this room are the incredible drapes framing the window seat, the bookcase with interior lights I use at night when I’m giving Conrad his last bottle, and the sentimental items like a dog painting from my parents and my father’s old monogrammed shooting bag. My mother found these great prints to be placeholders on the walls as we slowly build Conrad’s art collection.

This room was a fun challenge for me, as my interior decor style tends to sway more feminine than masculine. It can be difficult to create a baby boy’s room that can grow older with them, but I think we achieved it with this equestrian-inspired room. I love the traditional style, blue and brown palette, and masculine touches. We love spending time in Conrad’s nursery as a family and I cannot wait to show you his new bathroom renovation; we are finishing the last details and it will be completed very soon!

Changing Table:

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Skincare Routine: Skin Cycling

May 31, 2022

Categories: Beauty

As someone with super sensitive skin, allergies, and rosacea I have to be consistent with my skincare routine because the smallest change can completely throw off my progress and wreak havoc on my skin. For example, I was recently traveling and my skin even reacted to the hotel towels and sheets I used; I was thankful to get home and begin focusing on my skincare routine again. My routine is my self care at the end of a long day and something I really invest in because I feel my best when my skin is looking clear and healthy.

And one way I’ve been able to improve my skin and control the irritation/inflammation I sometimes deal with is by implementing skin cycling. It limits the harsher exfoliating and retinol routines to twice every four days so your skin has a chance to recover in between. If you’ve ever wondered what order products should be applied in or how often to exfoliate or use retinol, this post should help.

Of course… Lots of water, makeup-free days, and clean makeup products always improve skin too. I’m happy to share this routine with you – let me know if you use it and it helps you.

Morning: Same Every Day

Night 1: Exfoliate

Night 2: Retinol

Night 3: Recovery

Night 4: Recovery


Morning Routine:

  1. Cleanse. Cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex. I like this cleanser because it’s gentle and doesn’t strip my skin, but still removes makeup and leaves my face feeling clean. I use either a soft washcloth or this silicone face brush.
  2. Vitamin C. Apply Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Serum to Face and Neck.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid. Apply ISDIN Hyaluronic Acid Serum to Face and Neck. This serum combines the hydrating quality of hyaluronic acid with extra anti-aging ingredients.
  4. Eye Cream. Gently Pat Cle de Peau Eye Contour Cream Around Eyes. This one is pricey, but it is one of only two eye creams that has ever truly improved my dark circles. (If you live in a humid climate, you can get away with less hydration in this eye cream that also improved my dark circles.) You only need a rice sized amount each time, so one jar should last you close to a year.
  5. Daily Moisturizer. Apply Vanicream Daily Moisturizer to Face and Neck. This is a great simple, inexpensive daily moisturizer for sensitive skin.
  6. Sunscreen. Apply La Roche-Posay Tinted Sunscreen to Face and Neck. I’m super sensitive to sunscreen formulas and this one doesn’t irritate my skin, plus it layers nicely under makeup.

Exfoliate Night:

  1. Cleanse/Remove Makeup. Cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.
  2. Physical Exfoliant. Exfoliate with Under Skin Perfect Rice Scrub. This exfoliant is finely milled and gentle on skin.
  3. Cleanse. Cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.
  4. Tone. Tone with Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic on Face and Neck. A classic; this gently exfoliating toner adds an extra step of dead skin removal and smoothing to your exfoliating routine.
  5. Exfoliating Serum. Apply iS Clinical Active Serum to Face and Neck. This serum improves skin tone and texture while softening fine lines.
  6. Eye Cream. Gently Pat Cle de Peau Eye Contour Cream Around Eyes.
  7. Face Cream. Apply La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream to Face and Neck. The best way to apply is to rub product between fingertips until warmed, then pat into skin. This releases all the healing properties!

Retinol Night:

  1. Cleanse. Cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.
  2. Barrier. Apply Vanicream Daily Moisturizer to smile creases and marionette lines (basically either side of nose down to bottom of chin) as a protective barrier.
  3. Eye Cream. Gently Pat Cle de Peau Eye Contour Cream Around Eyes.
  4. Retinol/Tretinoin. Apply Pea-Sized Amount of Tretinoin on Face and Neck. (Ask your dermatologist!)
  5. Daily Moisturizer. Apply Vanicream Daily Moisturizer All Over Face and Neck.

Recovery Night:

  1. Cleanse. Cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.
  2. Eye Cream. Gently Pat Cle de Peau Eye Contour Cream Around Eyes.
  3. Any Prescriptions. Apply Rosacea Creams. (Ask your dermatologist, but a combination of Finacea and Soolantra have been working wonders for me.)
  4. Face Cream. Apply La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream to Face and Neck.
  5. Face Oil. When Extra Dry… Pat Oil On Top (I like Biossance Squalane Oil.)

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2021 Holiday Gift Guides

October 27, 2021

Categories: Holiday

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Guest Bedroom Refresh

October 21, 2021

Categories: Home

Houndstooth Throw. Coffee Maker + Frother. Set of Mugs. Blue and White Ginger Jar. Rattan Tray.

This Post is a Paid Partnership with Walmart.

Memory Foam Pillows. Pillow Protectors. Waffle Blanket. Bathroom Rug. Sound Machine. Mattress Pad. Blue and White Sheet Set. Blue Bath Towels. Air Purifier. Coffee Machine. Blue and White Quilt Set. Luggage Rack. Guest Slippers. Beverage Fridge.

As we enter the holiday season, many of us are preparing for friends or family to visit. So it’s a great time to take a peek at your guest bedroom spaces and make updates that will ensure your guests feel cozy and comfortable during their stay. Below are some of my best tips for creating a guest bedroom oasis… The only danger is whether or not they’ll want to leave!

Any of these items would make great gifts for the homebody in your life. Someone moving into a new home, someone in the process of finishing out rooms, or even someone you’re staying with during the holidays. (You can see the houndstooth throw blanket and coffee station I added to our own guest room above – they would make such a cute, cozy holiday gift!) Take a peek at even more home gifts from Walmart here. I have been ordering from them for our home products often recently… I love the selection for home products and children’s toys on their site, the fast two-day shipping available for most products, and the ability to pick certain items up the same day from my local store.

Luggage Rack

Wood Luggage Rack

One of the worst things you can do as a guest is to roll your suitcase through multiple airports and streets, then straight onto the bed where you’re staying. I washed wheel marks off my bedding a few times before finally investing in a luggage rack. It’s more hygienic and it’s also easier for guests to access their belongings.

Mattress Pad

Ultra Comfort Mattress Pad

Adds a layer of softness to your guest bed and a provides an extra layer for hygiene. I like having a couple mattress pads to easily change out with my guest sheets.

Fresh Sheets

Floral Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Soft sheets in clean white or a soothing blue and white print are my favorite. I keep a couple guest sheet sets, ready to switch out when I need. Launder them right before guests arrive so they smell fresh. And for an extra special touch, iron them to make them feel silky-smooth when your guests turn in for the night. (Your guests will ask you where your sheets are from… But the secret is simply ironing them!)

New Pillows

Memory Foam Pillow

They say pillows should be washed every six months and replaced every one to two years. A fresh, plump pillow is key to getting a good night’s sleep and preventing neck and back pain. (And while you’re at it, don’t forget to update your own as well!)

Pillow Protectors

Waterproof Pillow Protectors

These are brilliant. They’re waterproof and keep pillows clean, which is essential when multiple people are using them over time. Keep a few sets on hand so you can easily wash them and switch them out with your sheets.

Waffle Blanket

Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket

Most people are either the type that love lots of bedding and sleep with a duvet or comforter… Or the type that prefer sheets and one light blanket. Waffle blankets are perfect for the latter, but will make the former feel nice and cozy too. The waffle blanket is an essential piece of guest bedding.

Guest Slippers

Six-Pack Disposable Slippers

I like to place a fresh pair of these disposable slippers at the side of the bed for guests to wear while they stay at our house. We are typically shoe-free in our house (I think a lot of people have started doing this since the pandemic) so offering guests slippers can make them more comfortable – or at least keep their feet warm while they pad around your house.

Coffee Maker

Single-Serve Nespresso

If you have the space, get a coffee maker for your guest bedroom. Place a couple of mugs, sweetener or creamer, and a breakfast bar on a tray and your guest can take their time getting ready and enjoy their first cup of coffee in peace while they get ready.

Beverage Fridge

Beverage Fridge

If you have an outlet in your guest bedroom closet, tuck one of these inside and keep it stocked with water, juice, and cold brew. Your guest will appreciate having a cold bottle of water before bed or if they wake up during the night. Or a cold-pressed juice while they get ready in the morning.

You can keep coffee creamer or almond milk here for your guest’s coffee as well. The “Aeroccino” milk frother in this coffee machine set is fantastic and makes the fluffiest foam.

Fresh Bathroom Rugs

Reversible Cotton Bath Rug

Another often overlooked piece in a guest room. I prefer white so I can bleach out spilled makeup or coffee if necessary. Wash and dry them just before your guest arrives so they’re nice and fluffy.

Sound Machine

White Noise Sound Machine

After living in a city with nighttime noises like sirens and dogs barking, sleeping in the country felt too quiet. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleep and a sound machine can make your guest feel more comfortable. Not only that, but it can help drown out other household sounds in case your little ones wake up early or you have laundry going down the hall.

Air Purifier

HEPA Air Purifier

Helps to keep your guest room clean and relieves allergies. We have a shedding dog and I’m always sympathetic to guests with allergies because I’m allergic too… It can be miserable if you’re not used to it, but these air purifiers really do work. When I run ours, I find that my eyes don’t burn like they used to before we got an air purifier in our home.

My Guest Coffee Station:

Guest Bedroom Refresh:

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Girl’s Fall Shoe Edit

September 30, 2021

Categories: Fashion

Link to Instagram Reel.


Gray Suede. Pink Leather. Shearling-Lined Cream. Beige Quilted + Black Patent.

Wear with… Pants or leggings, bubbles paired with tights. Dressier boots can be worn with shorter dresses paired with tights.

Mary Janes:

Pink Quilted. Beige Quilted. Black Quilted. Black Velvet. Navy Patent. Blue Leather. Burgundy Leather.

These are Georgie’s most versatile shoe style; if I splurge on one pair, it will always be a pair of Mary Janes! Wear with… Pants and cuffed socks, bubbles paired with knee socks, dresses and tights, dresses and cuffed socks.


Pink Leather T-Straps.

Wear with… Pants or leggings paired with cuffed socks, casual dresses paired with cuffed socks, bubbles paired with knee socks.

Some gorgeous shoes for little girls this fall and winter! I’ve curated the most beautiful shoes of the season to cover all your bases – from cozy, every day leather Mary Janes and T-Straps to dressy patent leather and velvet to warm shearling and suede boots. There’s a little something for every outfit. And all of these shoes are from brands Georgie has worn time and time again; they are beautifully made and the sort of quality you can wear all season, then pass down to a friend or sibling.

Georgie has very sensitive feet/skin like her mama; she and I can both get blisters in a walk around the block in sneakers. So I am hyperaware of high quality materials for her – I look for soft leather and European craftsmanship. Her most comfortable and most-worn shoes are by Pepa and Company. And we get the most compliments on her Age of Innocence and Luxe Lim shoes. One question I’m asked often is about how the shoes Georgie wears run… Georgie’s sizing: 6 in L’Amour, 24 in Age of Innocence, 24 in Luxe Lim, right on the cusp of 23 and 24 in Pepa and Company.

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Fall Kitchen Updates

September 22, 2021

Categories: Home

Pumpkin Centerpiece. Clear Glass Tumblers. Soup + Cracker Bowls. Spode Plates. Beige Gingham Napkins. Woven Placemats. Apple Cider. Organic Creamy Tomato Soup. Flatbread Crackers.

I’m partnering with Walmart Home today to share some of my curated Fall updates for the kitchen. Now having two little ones two and under, it’s important for me to be able to get lunch and dinner on the table quickly while still making sure it’s something Georgina will enjoy. I put together an easy meal with a cute fall tablescape on our breakfast table, and created a fall-inspired coffee bar so you can take some time to make a seasonal coffee for yourself in the mornings. Take a peek at them both above and below…

I made some quick grilled cheese sandwiches (my top tips are to butter both sides of the bread and blend cheeses in the middle) and paired them with my go-to tomato soup, flatbread crackers, and ice-cold apple cider. I added texture with gingham napkins and woven placemats. And my favorite piece… These gorgeous chocolate brown Spode plates I had been wanting to get my hands on for years. The finishing touch was a pile of little pumpkins, corn, and greenery tucked around the stacked pumpkin centerpiece.

Cream + Sugar Set. Rock Sugar Sticks. Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Creamer. Caramel Cookie Nespresso Pods. Orange Waffle Knit Kitchen Towels. Beige Gingham Napkins. Leaf Spoons. Porcelain Coffee Mugs. Nespresso Pixie Machine. Set of Wood Trays. Caramel Chocolates.

One of the things I look forward to most each day is coming out to the kitchen and making my first cup of coffee at my little coffee bar. I like doing this before Georgina wakes up so I can have a moment to myself; I take my cup outside and water my flowers, scroll Instagram, or check my texts and emails. Now having two children age two and under, it’s my little bit of self-care each day. In honor of September being Self-Care Awareness month, I’ve partnered with Walmart to share products you can use to style a Fall coffee bar.

Whether you’re like me and need a little moment to yourself before you begin your day or you just want a pretty space to offer guests a cup of coffee, these items will add plenty of fall texture and flavor to your kitchen. Best of all, I’ve found that many Walmart items ship fast and free so I can get what I need in time.

Walmart has put together an interactive coffee machine buying guide if you’re in the market. You can take a look here.

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The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

September 17, 2021

Categories: Events, Lifestyle

WHAT WE WORE… My Gingham Dress. My Sandals. Georgie’s Dress from previous Born on Fifth x Dondolo collaboration. Georgie’s Scalloped Bow. Georgie’s Blue Shoes. Georgie’s Second Dress (White with Embroidery). Georgie’s Pink Shoes.

VENDORS… Florals, Bow Arch, Table and Chair Rentals, Table Linen Rentals via Newberry Brothers. Catering by Encore Catering. Cake, Cake Pops, and Sugar Cookies by Suga Me Sweet. Photography by Miranda Sober Photography. Children’s Entertainment by Puppets & Things On Strings. Balloon Garland by Fun Balloons.

DECOR… Invitations, Birthday Banner, Table Confetti, Thank You’s Available Here on Etsy. Custom Plastic Cups. Pink Plastic Plates. Silver Plastic Utensils. Gingham Luncheon and Dessert Napkins. Teddy Bear Snack Cups. Brown Teddy Bears. Small Bears in Napkins. Gold Frames for Prints, Photos. Blue Gingham Wrapping Paper. A Teddy Bear’s Picnic Book. Pink Gingham Tablecloth. Pink Gingham Kitchen Towels.

PARTY FAVOR BASKETS… Picnic Baskets. White Crinkle Paper. Teddy Bear Ears Headbands. Small Bears on Baskets. Pink Plastic Teddy Bear Candy Containers. Pink Gummy Bears. Bubbles. Chalk.

I already had the idea for Georgina’s second birthday some time around her first birthday. Both my mom and I love hosting themed parties and especially children’s parties; sometimes I think we have as much fun as Georgina does. When I found out I was pregnant in December of last year, I knew I still wanted to throw Georgina a little birthday party this summer… In my mind, it was the last event I could give her as an only child and I wanted her to feel extra special before her little brother arrived. So here I was… Nine months pregnant with our ten-pound son, hosting a birthday party in the middle of August with an air quality advisory going on!

I played “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” song for Georgina in the spring and she loved it; she would ask our Alexa to play it while she ate lunch and asked me to read her the “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” book before bedtime. So I knew she would love having a party with teddy bears, dolls, and picnic-style food with her friends. As for the decor, I pictured pastel pink and blue gingham, floral bows, and teddy bears. During our last trip to Palm Beach, we went to the LoveShackFancy shop and I saw the most beautiful giant floral fabric bow there; I snapped a photo and saved it to show to the florist for our floral arch inspiration.

We started the party with a ventriloquist and puppet show, then passed out teddy bear ears to the littles and moved outdoors for lunch, cake, and presents. We even invited the littles to place their teddy bears or dolls on a quilt nearby for their own mini picnic while a family of bears (my own vintage VanderBear family) looked on. As our guests left, we gave them picnic basket party favors full of goodies. And everyone left with plenty of sugar from Suga Me Sweet!

I made a Teddy Bears’ Picnic playlist to play during the party – you can listen to it here!

It was such a special day for our little girl. Seeing her stare in wonder at her balloons going up before the party, admire the flowers with her grandparents, and squeal in delight when she saw her darling teddy bear cake made me so happy. As any mama knows, I will never forget the day she was born and I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate it with her and make her feel special.

Party Favor Picnic Baskets:

Party Decor:

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